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First AnswerMany people would say 'If there is no god, no creator, then humans and everything would not exist'.

I will now explain the problem with this statement.

I will not explain the anthropic principle as such, but I will refer to its general ideas.

There are two main ideas to consider. One suggests that humans can exist because everything that was a prerequisite to their existence had already arisen (a natural progression from the formation of atoms to the formation of solar systems to the abiogenesis of the Precambrian to the continuous evolution after that). The second idea states that humans exist because the prerequisites had been chosen and carefully put into place with the express purpose of initiating man's existence.

Notice the second one forces humans to exist because of the 'purpose' behind the arrangement of the molecules before them. In other words the second's atoms were there for the future existence that resulted from them. On the other hand the first one shows that humans did not have to arrive at all but were perfectly capable of doing so as a result of the state of the universe that exists; the universe did not preclude or disallow human existence. The molecules and their arrangement throughout the universe prior to man were not there for man. The first idea simply describes the existence of particles and the theorized path of the universe before man. The second idea invokes the existence of a guide to prepare these particles for their accumulation into man.

There is evidence for all the particles and the universe. The first idea seems reasonable then. Humans developed with the particles that surrounded them and that comprised them and had preexisted them. There is no evidence for an intelligent planner that has the particles all meticulously aligned for the creation of man. There is no evidence for purpose behind the particles. The second idea is not reasonable then as it invokes things for which there is no evidence. It can therefore be imagined but not proven. It can be known that humans came about from the route the universe has taken over the course of its existence. So all considerations have to go into those particles that make up the universe.

Nothing else can be brought into the story unless there is evidence for that something else. The reason for this is to be sure that you are heading down a path of discovery yielding a story that is likely to be true. Without evidence a story may or may not be true. But you can be sure it is more likely to be true the more evidence you have. With zero evidence, a story is just as likely as any other.

More Answers by WikiAnswers ContributorsA variety of different opinions have been submitted by a number of WikiAnswers contributors, as follows: Answer About ConceptI am not of any organized religion however I feel that right or wrong The concept of being responsible to a higher ideal be it the name of God or otherwise is the only thing that makes us more then simple lumps of meat that can walk around. Answer to BelieversTo believers, it makes a great deal of difference.
  • Belief of any sort is based on faith. If you have true faith there is a God and it gives you comfort and helps guide you in your life, then so be it.
On a more personal level, I do not believe an omnipotent presence of any sort controls Universal events or individual lives. I have faith in myself, my family and friends and my ability to conduct my own affairs and accept personal responsibility for my actions whether the resulting consequences are good or bad. Answer Considering the WeakBelief in God is only for the weak who cannot solve their own problems. So they invented a concept of god as a refuge. Some go for God, some for alcohol some for mind-altering drugs, some for sex; but the common motive is the same. A Simple AnswerThis is simply a weak answer to this question. Whether it is a Christian God or a God of choice if you weren't so afraid to stop, look and listen and see the miracles around you then you're the one that is weak. Ignorance comes from not studying something like religion (or anything else) and people today have no excuses for not studying different religious beliefs and choosing any one they want. "Those who shout the loudest are the most fearful because if one is confident they are more tolerant and at peace within themselves!" An Answer About PromisesAny religion that employs promises of rewards or threats of punishment is not a true religion. That is how we train dogs not develop people. And we shouldn't even train dogs that way. An Answer About ProgressionThis depends upon where you are in your progression. An Answer About Something BiggerIf humans didn't have something bigger than ourselves to look to for guidance and help we would effectively be alone, all alone.

I don't even think its God actually being real that matters, just the belief in the fact it could be real that's important to humans. "God" takes our loved ones when they die. (I do mean whatever god people believe in not just the one) "God" helps the good and punishes the bad, and then forgives the bad. "God" is always there when you need it. "God" is the reason some people live. "God" listens to you. "God" defines right and wrong. "God" loves you.

So far there is no contact with any life from other planets, so we feel very alone. I do wonder if there was life from other planets if God would, in time, become less needed, due to the fact that we would no longer be all alone.

If people didn't believe in some form of higher being, the mass majority of people would question what they are living for; society would likely break down. Again "God" loves you; if god is always there to love you , no matter how alone you are, you don't feel it. There may well be mass panic in the realization that you are alone, that god doesn't love you, or no one loves you. Mass hysteria in the realization that life will end, you will die, those you love will die, and none of you will be looked after, no heaven where God lives and will take you to look after you, no reincarnation to see your loved ones in a new spiritual body your just dead, nothing.

Humans need to have a leader. God is the ultimate leader; it tells you what to do in any given situation when you need the advice.

These are just some of the things I can think of that the belief in God makes a difference to. and as always its just my opinion and my thoughts. Doesn't make any of it true!!

A Christian AnswerI am a Christian and I've seen too many miracles to ignore that there isn't a higher power. Whatever a person considers 'their God' is their business, but to go through life thinking you dropped out of the sky with no faith of any sort is rather sad. I never feel alone or dejected in life and anytime I've prayed for help I got it. It may not be exactly what I thought was going to happen, but, I always learn from whatever the answer is. I feel whole, at peace and fear little. I've learned to love unconditionally re my mate, family and friends and when I do something for someone there are no strings attached. The person either accepts it out of friendship or takes it and leaves. It's entirely up to them. Still, by doing good things in this life (we are tools of a Supreme Being) then we are complete. An Answer About CreationIf there wasn't a God, neither you nor me nor anything that we know or love nor even the earth itself would ever have been created, and you wouldn't even think to ask this question because there wouldn't be a you to do the thinking... Islamic Answer"The children of Israel asked Moses why God did not slumber or sleep or take rest (note of mine: what will happen if there was no Allah (God)).

In reply to their question God told Moses to remain awake for three days and nights and at the end of that time to hold two glass bottles in his hands (in each hand one bottle).

He did so, and, overcome with drowsiness (he fall asleep), smashed the one against the other and the bottles broke into pieces.

Tell your people, said Allah, that I hold in one hand the seven heavens and in the other the worlds; if my eyes should slumber, verily the universe would smash as did Moses' bottles. (note of mine: And if God would not be here, the universe would also not be here)"

Allah has given him an example.

An Answer Considering "What if..."Have you ever heard the saying 'I would rather believe in a God and find out there isn't one than believe there isn't one and find out there is' ? Such point in it would probably be that if one goes about believing God doesn't exist during life, to die and discover that he does, would probably not be well off.

---This doesn't really apply to my personal beliefs completely, being a Christian, but I think it offers as a good general statement in response to the question.

An Answer About the UnthinkableWithout God or a God, you can not explain nor account for Life, nor explain doing "good", nor doing "bad", nor what is and what is not beautiful. Without God we would be blah, pointless, unexplainable, and unthinkable. A Blunt AnswerIn all bluntness, the question is rather impossible to answer. Making a long story short, it's not a question to which anyone can give a definitive answer because we have nothing on which to base our assertions. For as long as we have existed, the world has spun with the same set of circumstances surrounding it, with the divine either existing or not existing (either way, it happened so that a plethora of people ended up believing that divinity existed, a slew and a half being just as convinced that it did not exist, and many more giving an incredible number of variations of these beliefs) and we don't have a parallel universe where the divinity situation is inverted that we could compare it to. Ergo, any assertions on the effect of a deity (or lack thereof) in a world are completely speculatory, especially considering that we can't even properly answer the question of whether or not that divinity actually exists. Sure, many a theist will assert that they've found overwhelming evidence for the existence of their god(s), and many an atheist will assert that the evidence overwhelmingly rejects the idea of god(s), but both overwhelmingly fail to drive the relevant point home. It doesn't matter if they prove their perspective to somebody who already shares it, it matters if the facts support their view enough to convince both sides (which may well never be accomplished). What we have here in the end is a question about how the world would be different if the circumstances were the opposite of those that exist and of which we are uncertain, something we are ill-qualified to answer; as nobody has seen both a universe with a god and a universe without a god. This thought from Voltaire:"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him." As I understand that, the question should be "Does it make a difference if we believe or don't believe in a God?" Voltaire apparently thought that a belief in God was necessary to bring structure to society.

A Direct Answer to the Question:

The questioner here asks only if it makes a difference if there is or isn't a God. That question begs a simple answer. If there were no God, there would be no after-life, no meaning to who you are, what you do, what happens to you, or whether we live or die. Life without Him is meaningless. It is vain chance, unbound by any law. Only self-gratification matters, personal needs - no one else need be considered, because anything outside the self is valueless and meaningless.

Does that sound like the kind of universe in which we live?

Knowing there is a God means you are here not by accident but by design. God has a plan for you, you matter. He made you for a reason. This life, whatever it may bring, is in His control. There is a purpose, whether you recognize it or not. Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be made open to you.

Direct Response to the Preceding 'Answer'

It should be noted that the preceding was made with exceptional bias towards atheistic viewpoints and makes claims about those views that the holders themselves do not espouse. A lack of belief in a deity does not exlude the possibility of an afterlife, nor does it exclude the possibility of finding meaning in life. Many faiths have atheisitc variations, with Buddhism being a noteworthy example (as it focuses on the concept of escaping a cyclical afterlife in the form of reincarnation, while at the same time various sects will often deny the existence of deities). Similarly, most with atheistic beliefs hold similar moral systems as those with theistic beliefs, to the point that many honestly contend that Atheism is a superior source for true morality than theistic justifications, based on the logic that, as they would phrase it, "if you do something only because your god(s) told you to, you do so out of blind faith rather than doing so because it's right or wrong". Of course, that logic is subjective and should be taken as much at face value as most claims of "our faith is superior to yours because of 'x'" but does nicely highlight the fact that the people in question believe themselves to be at least as moral as their theistic counterparts. The concept of hedonism plays no more part in atheism as a belief than it does in chirstianity, and many would in fact be insulted by the slanderous insinuation.

Yes it makes a difference.If there wasn;t a god you and i wouldn't be alive.think about we come from somewhere we did just pop up from somewhere.

From a different perspective:I find the "what if" argument to be disingenuous at best, cynical and self-serving at worst. A silly mental exercise will not bring someone to saving faith if God exists, but it might bring more tithing members into a church community. Let them deal with their fallen state when they die.

It makes no difference whatever whether there is or is not a God. The reason is because our speculation on this matter will have no bearing at all on the underlying reality or how that reality impacts us. People of faith may find this conclusion distasteful or offensive, but many things proceed from it. From the standard Christian theology, belief results from faith, and that faith is from God alone; the fallen have utterly no way of obtaining faith by their own means. So if indeed there is a God and this God has given faith to the faithful, all is well with the faithful and there is no need to speculate. The faithful are those who receive mercy, if God exists, and no power but his can add to or remove from the list of the faithful.

Since those without faith (because it has been withheld from them by God, if he exists) have utterly no way of obtaining it, demanding it, stealing it or getting it by any means, then the question of God's existence, even if he does exist, is less than meaningless to them. One cannot ask for saving faith and actually obtain it unless faith is first given; it is purely the mercy and graciousness of God, if he exists, that allows for faith to be given and exercized. So those without faith are those to whom justice will be meted out, and there is no need to speculate, even if God exists. If God exists, no one will be on the list of the faithless to God's surprise; no one is coming off that list of his own will, and no one will be on it whom God has chosen. If a non-believer then believes that he believes, perhaps he moves to the other list. It is also possible that, if God exists, many who claim belief have done so out of their insufficient human faith, and not the requisite 'saving' faith. What does it matter? The person either goes to the other list or he does not, and there is no need to speculate.

If it turns out that God does not exist, then all the prayer, suffering, sacrifice and sacrament will be to no avail; we will not conjure up a god where there is none. There will be evening and morning, we will all (most of us) awaken and continue to live, and there is no need to speculate.

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Q: Does it make a difference if there is or isn't a God?
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