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yes it matters, however so does anything about the 2 (or more) people in the bed(or whereever) having a huge penis doesn't make you great or even good at sex.

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How big does your penis have to be to have good sex?

Size doesn't matter - it's how is USED!

Is a big penis better for her during sex?

Size does not matter. Very big penises may hurt. Some women like it, others don't.

Sex and the narcissistic man?

His penis in his own mouth. Can all guys do that?

What is sex like for guys?

It's like having your penis in her vagina.

What length penis is girls like for sex?

The size usually doesn't matter much. In any case, if your penis is too big, there is really not you can do to make it smaller (or bigger, for that matter), so there's really no point worrying about it.

Is it true that guys that ride motorcycles are good at sex?

You can't know. But usually guys who ride motorcycles have a small penis.

What isoral sex?

When a girls sucks a guys penis or a guy licks the girls vagina.

Can a guys penis grow from hearing about sex?

Yes until the swelling goes down

What penis size is sufficent for good sex?

Many men are concerned about the size of their penises, but actually the penis size does not matter when it comes to have good pleasant sex.

How big does your penis grow after having sexual intercores?

Having sex make no difference to the size of the penis.

Why do guys have a penis and why not girls?

The penis is the male sex organ. you use it to get a women pregnant. It is also used for secreting discarded bodily fluids.

Your boyfriend penis is hurting you why?

If it is your first time to have sex and his penis is too big, then you might have torn some skin.

Does size actually matter?

It depends on the type of person. For me, size doesn't matter for my boyfriends because I love him whether his penis is big or small. If someone has had a lot of expierience in sex, then they will usually want one that is bigger.

Will it hurt if the boys penis is big?

It depends what he does with it. A penis should not hurt just because it is big. If you ask him to be gentle with you during sex then he should consider your feelings.

Do girls worry about having big vagina's?

Sure not!! big vagina's is like big penis! interesting for the sex partner

How big does your pwnis have o be for gay sex?

There are no size requirements for the penis in gay sex. Everyone is different and you use what you have.

Why you put your penis in the anus?

Putting the penis in the anus increase pleasure for both partners. Many females enjoy anus sex and and guys love giving it.

How big should your penis be for sex?

you only need 3 inches anything more than that is the guys pleasure since only the first 3 inches of the vaginal wall cause pleasure

Is a 10 inch penis too big?

i wouldn't say TOO big but still big but you can still have sex but it may hurt the femal more. An average size penis is 6 inches.

What would consider small?

- Most women have almost zero idea how big a dick is. ... Since more women like big penis’ (above average), should small penis guys stop reproduction (not sex) to feed general a women’s desire? ... Can a women tell the difference in size between a large penis and small penis entering the ...

Why do people have big nipples?

many guys want these things called nipples!! we r not sure why they are big? but the oppsite sex ( guys ) find they atractive!!!

Can your penis be too big for sex?

well if your penis is 10 or 11 inches some of it will not enter the vigina so yes kind of

How big were Anderson shelter?

lick your penis and have sex like the bombs and vagins on girls

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