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Benjamin Franklin said, "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper." Proving that even a wise man can talk out his butt, occasionally. I assume you are referring to the effects on wait gain. Some people say that heavy meals consumed before bedtime lead to greater weight gain. There is NO data to support that claim. Calories are calories. The body doesn't care when they are consumed. If you consume 3000 calories in one day, it doesn't matter if you consume them 1500, 1000, 500 or 500, 1000, 1500 or with six 500-calorie snacks. If you have been maintaining your weight on a 2500-calorie-per-day diet and then increased your consumption to 3000 calories per day w/o increasing your activity, you will start to gain about a pound per week -- a pound of adipose tissue has the energy equivalent of 3500 calories -- regardless of the time of day you eat your meals. Really it does matter I mean you health depends on it. You should eat 3 times a day breakfest,small snack,lunch,small snach,dinner, small snack.

2006-07-21 15:46:56
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How much food does a rat consume in a day?

An amount

How much food does the average adult consume in a day?

The average adult can consume a whole lot of food in one day. The average amount that an adult eats in one day is equal to about 5 pounds of actual food.

What is quantity food production?

Quantity food production is the amount of food you consume each day.

How much food does a emperor penguin consume in one day?

As much as they can.

How much food does a tiger consume each day?

9 chickens

How much can a killer whale consume up to per day?

500 pounds of food per day

How much food does an elephant consume?

An elephant can eat between 300 and 600 lbs. of food per day.

How many pounds of food will 2 polar bears consume in 1 day if they require 26.4 pounds of food per day?

52.8 pounds

How much junk food does an average American consume in one day?

About $ pound. A lot

I'm a boy so how much would I consume of food a day?

3 portions

What animals can consume at least half of its body weight in food each day?


What time of day is best to take niacin?

Best time of the day to consume prescription niacin is based on doctors orders.

How many calories does a person consume on thanksgiving day?

From food, about 3,000 calories on average. Drinks can vary, depending if they consume alcohol, soda, juices, or just water.

For high blood pressure how much sodium a day is recommended?

Current dietary guidelines for Americans recommend that adults in general should consume no more than 2,300 mg of sodium per day. At the same time, consume potassium-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables. However, if you are in the following population groups, you should consume no more than 1,500 mg of sodium per day, and meet the potassium recommendation (4,700 mg/day) with food.

How many calories should you burn for weight loss?

It doesn't matter how many calories you burn - if you burn more each day in exercise than you consume each day in food, you'll lose weight. But if you're a big eater, you could work out 20 hours a day and not lose weight.

What is best time to eat fruit?

The best time to consume fruits is in the morning as part of breakfast or during the course of the day. Fruits contain celloulose which is undigestible by the body therefore if you consume it in the day, it gives your body time to absorb the needed vitamins and then you can deficate the useless parts.

How much food can desert lacust eat?

The average adult locust will consume about 2 grams of food in a day or about as much as it weighs. A swarm of locust can eat the same amount of food in one day as 2,500 people.

Can you lose weight if you eat 3 small meals a day?

Weight loss depends only on how many calories you consume each day versus how many you burn. It doesn't matter what time, how often,or how many meals you eat. If you eat 1500 calories, then you ate 1500 calories, period. Burn more than you consume, and you will lose weight.

When does an elephant eats?

Elephants eat almost all the time when they are awake. If they are not drinking water, or taking a sand bath or sleeping, they are most probably eating. They consume around 150 to 200 kilograms of food in a day and in the jungle they have to get their own food. So, they keep moving and looking out for food almost all the time.

How much food can a human consume in one week?

As much as one wants. Me? I eat about 6 meals a day.

How much does an elephant consume?

An adult consumes somewhere between 300 and 600 lbs of food per day.

How much spit do we consume a day lol?

Your salivary glands make as much as a quart of saliva each day. Saliva is important to lubricate your mouth, help with swallowing, protect your teeth against bacteria, and aid in the digestion of food.

What is the max amount of food a person can eat in a day?

How much food a person can eat in a day varies depending on the person. Each person has a limit on how much they can eat without feeling overly full or sick. One person may be able to consume thousands of calories a day while the next person is only able to consume half as much.

What will happen if you do not get enough nutrients for the day?

If you do not get enough nutrients for the day, you will lose energy. You will be likely to consume more food than if you maintain proper nutrient levels.

How much can earthworms eat in a day?

Some earthworms consume their own weight in a combination of food, water and soil everyday.