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Does it mean anything if the hamsters hips are larger than usual?

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If it's a female, it could mean it's pregnant.

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How do you tell if you have wide hips?

To tell if you have wide hips, measure your hips and your waist. If your hips are considerably larger, you might have wide hips.

Can hamsters smell other hamsters?

Yes they can. Syrian Hamsters have scent glands on their sides near their hips and can smell each other. They are very territorial.

Will taking supplements breast enlargement also help get larger hips and rounder hips?


Can you be allergic to rose hips?

You can be allergic to anything

What is a girls figure?

A girl's figure is when a girl goes through puberty and their body changes to look like a teen. It refers to the size of her breasts, waist, and hips. Ideally, the waist would be small, and the hips and waist larger, with the hips perhaps slightly larger than the breasts.

How can you make your hips larger?

You can exercise and make your hips grow more muscles. Eat a diet with enough protein to help the muscles grow.

What foods causes your hips to get larger?

The tatsier, the more fat, sugar, unhealth it is for you.

Why are hips less prone to injury than shoulders?

They are closer to the ground and larger.

What would make a woman look pregnant?

Her hips widen, her stomach gets larger.

Why do women have wider hips than men?

Women have larger hips than men so that they can give birth to babies. a woman's pelvis and hips need to give enough room for the child protruding out of her body when she is giving birth

Are there exercise to get hips?

well, if you are very thin, your hips poke out a little. (but don't get super thin and anerexic just because of hips.) other people are just made with larger hips than others. but when you get older you start to get them. but when you do you wont want them if they get to big. im young but i have big hips, ya boys like hips but if you want a real guy, they should like you for who you are. that's the best advice i can give you.

What is the best sport to get a smaller butt thighs and hips?

Anything that makes you run!

How do you pierce your own hips?

As with anything involving puncturing the skin, it is not recommended that you do this yourself.

What dogs have bad hips?

alot of the larger breeds, such as mastiffs and bullmastiffs. ive heard bulldogs do too.

You are slim but have no hips how do you get one?

The width of your hips is determined specifically by the breadth of your pelvis, which is governed by your genetics. Almost all women have naturally wider hips than men, although sex hormone imbalances during puberty can alter the development of your body's shape. There is no exercise, diet, medicine, or surgery that will make your hips wider. If you are a woman, there are padded underwear available to make your hips appear larger.

If I'm allergic to roses should i even take anything with rose hips in it?

probably not

Do penguins have hips?

They have hips

What roles do joints play in the body?

without joints. you could not bend....elbows, hips, knees, anything

Is HIPS a thermoplastic?

hips is a thermoplastic

What is a medical name for big hips?


Which is better for pain Tylenol or ibuprofen?

I don't know, I am trying to find out. I have joint pain in my hips. Is there anything that would be better?

Where should you feel a girl when making out?

not really feel but maybe run your hands through her hair of hold her hand..dont touch her butt or anything..we girls find that akwarddd on her hips, right above her hips, or around her waist.

When do you get your curves?

When you hit puberty, your breasts grow larger (if you are a girl) and your hips more curvy and wide. For boys, they generally become more masculine and tall.

What will happen when the girl hits puberty besides the period?

Her breasts will grow larger and so will her hips, she will grow hair in her private place and under her arm pits. She may also want to start shaving her legs. Her breasts will grow larger and so will her hips, she will grow hair in her private place and under her arm pits. She may also want to start shaving her legs.

Why do boys look at girls hips?

There's a scientific study that states that women with a narrower waist than hips are the most desirable to men. It also indicates that a female with wider hips, will have enough energy required to obtain offspring. Studies have also shown that to a male, larger hips promotes good health and it is indeed true. Those with an ideal waist to hip ration, are less likely to have health problems in the future and if a guy doesn't know this intuitively, then chances are he is looking at a girl's hips because its a personal quality he admires about them.