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Don't read into this too much yet. If you bought your girlfriend a gift and she didn't buy you one, she could feel embarrassed and feel badly they didn't think ahead of time and buy you a gift too. You were sweet to give him a gift and he does sound like a nice guy and I'm sure he appreciates it. Take it slow and easy and keep the gift giving at bay until you know him a little better. Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-21 04:58:15
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Q: Does it mean anything if you give a guy a New Year's gift and he says that he feels bad he didn't buy you anything?
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Get her a gift. (best of luck)

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Your boyfriend may not have given you a Valentines Gift for several reasons but that does not means he was not thinking about you. He may not have had enough money to buy you a gift, if he did then i am at a lost. If he did not have enough money he may have treied to make you a gift. Tho tried to make you a gift, he may not have had the creative skill to make a presentative gift. Other than that he may have another reason, so if you really want to know i suggest you Ask him.

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