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NO!!! man, ima girl, but to tell u the truth i never danced with any1 too shy 4 dat lolz, but noooooo,their just friends, and freinds always do stuff together no matter wat!!Answeryou didnt specify what you were asking about this topic give me a bit more detail an i will be able to answer it to the best of my knowledge Depends.Usually no it doesn't. If the girl is hugging the boy then yes.

It means that she likes dancing and her boyfriend is too far to she can dance with him. Is better for a girl sit and tell to every offer NO, NO?

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:27:29
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Q: Does it mean anything if your girlfriend dances with another guy?
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Is it bad to not want your girlfriend to go to a concert with another guy?

i think its bad, because they can do anything when they are know what i mean

What Does it mean if a guy asks you out when he has a girlfriend and you say no and he dumps the girlfriend?

It doesn't neccessarily "mean" anything. If he was asking other people out, he was likely planning to dump his girlfriend anyway.

How can you make your girlfriend trust you again after flirting with another girl?

Just tell her that it didn't mean anything and that you where just talking to her same thing happened to me and I told her that and she forgave me

What does it mean to be in love with your girlfriend?

To be in love with your girlfriend means you put her before anything else (like a wife) and care for her (not just sexually)

What if your ex boyfriend agrees to stay over you share a bed but dont do anything he has another girlfriend what does this mean?

He is probably very shy, you should try and make the first move?

What does it mean when a guy has a girlfriend but says I am attracted to him?

If he is playfully saying that you are attracted to him, it means that he is flirting, for sure. He might like you or find you attractive to an extent, but as long as he is dating another girl, it really doesn't mean anything.

A guy has a girlfriend but he asks another girl if she has a boyfriend Does it mean that he is interested in her but not in his girlfriend?

That could be a possibility. It could also be a prelude to "Because my girlfriend has this cousin who's coming in from out of town and she can only go out with me next weekend if we can get a date for him too." Or it could mean "I am not going to leave my girlfriend, but I wouldn't necessarily mind picking up a little extra action on the side." Don't assume anything.

What does it mean if a guy you like who thinks of you as a sister was embarrassed to tell you he has a girlfriend and he kept avoiding the subject but you already had found out from another friend?

It really doesn't mean anything nor would I read too much into it. He doesn't seem to be interested in you as you are him as well as he has a girlfriend - let him be and focus your interest elsewhere.

I heard my girlfriend saying that another guy was hot I told her that I didn't like when she said that and she said it doesnt mean anything. So what does it mean if she calls another guy hot?

was that guy handsome? if was you might be in big trouble, ok? try to convince your girl friend by doing nice stuff for her..Would that mean you like your girlfriend less if you saw a hot girl and told your friends about the hot girl??

Why does your boyfriend have a girlfriend?

If you mean you it is probably because he loves you. if you mean another girlfriend he is either cheating on you or her depending on which one was first. Why he does this can be because he gets away with it and he does not care about any of you.

What does it mean if a guy shows off and he has a girlfriend?

It can mean a bunch of things. Is it possible he was showing off for his girlfriend? I suppose it could mean that he's not too serious about their relationship or that he likes another girl.

What does it mean if you have a dream about your girlfriend kisses another guy?

it means that you are worried that she will or jealous of her talking to and flirting with another guy

When a guy texted you a lot over the summer but when school came he got a girlfriend Did your texting not mean anything to him?


Your girlfriend wants to kiss another guy on newyears eve because you will be away on vacationshe says it wont mean anything an it will just be a peck but what should you do?

tell her how you feel. i personally would say no way

If your friend tells the guy that you that you like that you like him and he just says that he knows but he doesnt ask you out or anything what does that mean?

It doesn't mean anything bad it means he's not ready for a relation ship or he has a girlfriend.

What does dudes mean by just being friends?

They mean that they do not want the relationship to extend to anything more than friends. They do not want to get into girlfriend and boyfriend.

What does community dance mean?

everyone dances.

You had a dream that your girlfriend cheated?

It more than likely doesn't mean anything; a dream is just a dream. Don't hold your girlfriend accountable for something you dreamed happened.

What to do if your girlfriend likes another guy?

if you really mean she like another guy .. she is not "your" girl.. do everything you are scared of.. leave her and get to other girls..

I dreamed that i was cheating on my current girlfriend with my ex what does this mean?

it doesnt mean anything as long as you know not to cheat, your relationship will be healthy as long as you are fully comitted to it

What does it mean when a guy makes his girlfriend Giggily which makes her angry?

Doesn't mean anything. He wants attention and people tease other people when they like them.

Is data another word for fraction?

It could mean anything really

What does the word correlated mean?

Anything mutually related to one another.

Does spare mean extra?

kinda like incase of anything you have another.

What does it mean if a woman dances in front of you?

She wants to dance with you