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If you are in Elementary School then yes, it's quite common for a boy to act like he doesn't like you. At that age we are only just discovering the opposite sex, and boys are just a little slower at it. LOL When I was in Grade 6 I remember I had a big crush on this red-headed boy named John. I would look at him in class and day dream, but really wasn't into boys that much so I can't even remember what was on my mind at the time. There was a school store all of us kids went too, and I remember buying candy, walking over to him and handing him one of the candies. He was standing with his friends which gave him the opportunity (so he thought) of screwing up his face and saying, "If you were the last girl on earth I wouldn't take your stinking candy!" It crushed my heart, and before I knew it I doubled up my little fist and punched him in the eye. He went flying back and into a rotten old wooden fence. Of course like a "sissy girl" he ran straight to the Principal and I got the strap, but so did he for letting a girl beat him up! It's usually 14 to 16 boys really start to take a good look at girls. If you are in High School, they still can act this way usually out of sheer embarrassment. If he is doing this to you, just be nice and smile, but never let him know too much how you feel about him. Make him work to ask you out! Good luck Marcy He probably does not like you so let him go..He is a jerk by the way he is acting toward you. Definitely not a guy whose worth it..

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Q: Does it mean he likes you if he says no to everyone that asks him if he likes you and he throws your notes back at you and picks on you for little things?
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