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If you have your period, even a light one, you can not be pregnant. It is normal to experience variations in your period on occasion.

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Q: Does it mean im pregnant if period was only 3 days short and lighter than usual?
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Does a lighter period than usual mean your pregnant?

No you dont get it when your pregnant

Could you be pregnant if your period was a day early and lighter than usual?


Breast tender thick slimy vaginal discharge lighter period than usual nauseous could i be pregnant?

If not pregnant, lighter periods are due to infertility.

Can you be pregnant if you have period lighter than usual?

maybe but most likely studies show that u may need cleaning +

Can you be pregnant if your period is lighter than usual but is lasting the same amount of days as your other periods?

A period usually means no pregnancy, if you are unsure take a pregnancy test.

If you were supposed to start your period 2 weeks ago and are currently on it but its lighter then usual could something be wrong?

yes, you could be pregnant take a pregnancy test.

Can a girl be pregnant if she has her period on time?

Yes. Not that usual, but it can happen.

Is it possible that you can be pregnant in your tubes when your period last more than usual?


Can a woman get pregnant when on her period?

Yes but it is a less chance than usual.

You had your period but it was a week early and you are usually on time you had sore breasts but that passed and then you're tired all the time am i pregnant?

If your period was lighter than usual it may have been an implantation bleed. Take a home pregnancy test.

Can you be pregnant if you had a period and it did'nt last long as usual?

It is possible to have your period 3 times during your pregnancy. Just because you have your period doesnt mean you are not pregnant.

Does taking primolut n during period have any effects?

They become lighter than usual!

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