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That's what happened to me and i turned out to be pregnant, I you......


brown blood means that your vagina is cleaning it self I read it of a website


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Q: Does it mean you are pregnant if you spot brown blood then pink blood for three days?
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Can you be pregnant after having brown blood for several days?

yes - take a test

If you had your period but only for three days and it loked brown are you pregnant?

it is a possibility

You've been unusually spotting brown for 3 days and then light blood for 3 more days and now no more blood just brown blood could i be pregnant?

Possibly - take a test

If I had three days of brown mucus and half a day of bright red blood could I be pregnant?

Yes! Happened to me.....Sometimes you spot when the egg implants in the uterus.

What does spotting brown discharge 4 days after intercourse and you are pregnant mean?

Usually nothing to worry about. Brown blood is old blood. If you are worried though, have an ultrasound.

Have had brown spotting for about 3 days now and today their was a little bit of red blood could you be pregnant?

Brown spotting is dried blood from your uterus, its normal. If you feel that you may be pregnant get tested.

You have had morning sickness after your 3 days of brown blood and 3 days of a period is it possible to still be pregnant?

Possibly - take a test

4 days late then suddenly dark brown discharge with tissue followed by red blood what does that mean can I be pregnant?

it means you were pregnant but miscarried

If your period was three days late and the fourth day you had only a brown discharge and two HPT tests were negative could you be pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant. Wait a few more days and do another HPT or see your doctor for a blood test. More accurate.

Could you be pregnant if your period only lasted two days and after that you were spotting brown blood and you feel sick to your stomach and bloated?

Yes you could definitely be pregnant. See your doctor for a blood test.

Could you be pregnant if you have brown discharge 3 days after your delayed period but had 5 negative pregnancy test?

You could be a pregnant but the best ans for you is to do the blood test.

Could you be pregnant if you started your period 19 days early with some brown discharge and it lasted 4 days heavy and then very bright red blood for 2 days and then very light pink and some brown?

Not likely.

Can you get pregnant three days before and three days after ovulation?

yes you can get pregnant at that time you are most fertile

Im 4 weeks pregnant have started bleeding not just spotting and cramping is this a miscarriage?

I am going through the same problem. I am pregnant (confirmed today) but three days ago I bled brown then sorta heavy red then light brown again but it was only three days now its gone. I usually have a week period. Im so scared they said I have to wait ten days to get a blood test to see if I am still pregnant or miscarried. Lets stay positive say our prayers and hope for the best. Ill say a prayer for you :)

Could you be pregnant if its been twenty seven days since your last period now i am spotting brown blood when i wipe?


Can you find out your pregnant in 3 days?

No there is no way that you can find out that you are pregnant in no three days.

Im 5 days late for period i jus started today my period blood is brown but it started out brown not sure soon what colour what could possibly be?

It isn't uncommon for the blood to be brown when you first start your period, especially if you are five days late. If there is a chance that you may be pregnant, a home pregnancy test can be taken.

Can a doctor tell you're pregnant in three weeks?

Yes! By doing a blood test, a doctor can tell your pregnant 2 days after conception, which would happen about 6-10 days after unprotected sex.

My period blood is usually red this month it is brown and it is 10 days late what does this mean?

this happened to me when i was pregnant! hope this helps...and hope you are trying!

Can you tell me if i could be pregnant i had a period then a week later i had brown discharge and bleeding for 2 days and then 3 weeks later i had 3 days of bleeding and brown discharge?

This is quite common in women. Pink to red is fresh blood and light to dark brown is dead blood (meaning it has been sitting before being released.) If you are the birth control pill this can alter your periods, or even stress. It's doubtful you are pregnant.

You bleed brown blood for one day before period was due and the next day you didnt bleed at all and your period isn't due until 3 days - is this implantation bleeding Are you pregnant?

No you are not pregnant. I have had that to happen to me to. An I was not pregnant.

Could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period i had blood spot for about five days?

could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period had blood spot for about five days?

If you are about three weeks pregnant and have been lightly spotting brown blood for six days could you be having a miscarriage?

Probably not. Spotting is normal, heavy bleeding like a period is not. If you are worried, you should see your doctor for peace of mind.

Is it possible to be pregnant and have brown blood when you are supposed to have your period?

yes it is possible this has happen to me recently i had missed my period wasn't really sure if i was pregnant but i had morning sickness then finally i took two pregnancy just to make sure they both came back positive and two days later i was spotting and it was brown blood

You always have a brown color period on your first day then it is red the rest of your period but you have had 4 days of brown colored period which is not very heavy could you be pregnant?

Its impossible for you to have your period during a pregnancy , but there are cases that women have bleeding during pregnancy time , but that would only would be a few days, and brown blood means that you have misscarried if your pregnant so check with your doctor.

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