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Does it snow in Georgia?

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Yes! It does snow in Georgia but only during the winter. The Christmas of 2010 it snowed & was very rare! But when it snow in Georgia, they get alot of it & get snowed in.

2011-01-07 21:37:45
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When does it start to snow in georgia?

It is not common for it to snow in the state of Georgia. It is does snow, it may snow sometime between the months of November and March.

Will it snow in Georgia in 2012?

No one can be sure if it will snow in Georgia in 2012, but it is likely that it will.

Does it snow every year in Atlanta Georgia?

No, it does not snow every year in Georgia; it only gets snow occasionally.

Will it snow in Georgia tomorrow?

No, the snow is over.

Does it snow in the Southern part of the US state of Georgia?

Snow is rare in southern Georgia, but it is possible.

When in December will it snow Georgia?

We can't know more than a week ahead of time when snow will fall, but snow in Georgia is not unusual.

Is it going to snow today in Georgia?

Yes, it will snow in Georgia at least an inch. check the weather channel.

Where is the closest snow to Atlanta GA?

Where is the closest snow to Atlanta Georgia

Will it snow in Georgia 2011 DEC?


Will it snow in Georgia this winter?

no, it will it only sleet

Are snow chains legal in Georgia?


Does it snow in evans Georgia?

Not the bangaayyyyy the bangayayayayya

Does Georgia get a lot of snow?

depends on how their feeling

Is it going to snow in covigton ga?

Doubt it. Its Georgia. if its going to snow, it will be a drizzle. Not the Colorado one-foot-and-an-inch snow

Does it snow in Georgia in Feb?

That all depends; some year's have gone by with no snow, and other year's we have gotten some snow.

Why does it not snow in southern and middle Georgia in winter?

While it does snow sometimes in the winter in middle and south Georgia, it is rare. South and middle Georgia are quite far south and the winter temperatures are usually quite warm.

When was Sierra Snow born?

Sierra Snow was born on March 15, 1986, in Georgia, USA.

How many snow plows are in Atlanta Georgia?


How much snow fall does Georgia have a year?

28 in.

What southern states have snow in December?

Southern states that have snow in December are Alabama and Tennessee. Texas and Georgia can get snow in December too.

How far north do Floridians have to go for snow in Jan?

There's probably snow in the mountains of northern Georgia.

Does it snow in Columbus georgia?

Columbus averages only 0.5" annually - most years it does not snow.

When was Elvira Snow born?

Elvira Snow was born on March 2, 1901, in Hartwell, Georgia, USA.

When did Elvira Snow die?

Elvira Snow died on November 1, 1976, in Hartwell, Georgia, USA.

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Jenny Lee Snow was born in 1912, in Hartwell, Georgia, USA.