Does it snow in Italy

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Yes, especially in the north where the mountains are. in the north-central regions, on Appennini, snow is common. Sometimes it also snows in southern Italy. In March 2003, the snow was so massive in the Umbria, Molise and Calabria regions that moving on highways was impossible. On the highest mountains (especially on Alpi) skiing is possible.

Every year it snows in central Italy where are about 20 ski stations in Lazio, Umbria, Marche, Molise and Abruzzo (some of these, particularly Campo Imperatore and Ovindoli, in Abruzzo, can operate also in the first days of may, because they are 2000 metres high). Also, it snows in southern Italy. Etna, in Sicily, is about 3300 metres high, and there are ski stations there. From Rome, during winter, you can see snow on the top of Mount Terminillo.

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Q: Does it snow in Italy
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