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Q: Does jet blue charge for luggage?
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Do bags fly free on Jet Blue?

The Jet Blue website indicates that a passenger can check one standard bag at no charge.

Jetblue charge you for the second suitcase?

Does Jet Blue charge for a second suit case Yes they do I believe its $15.00

What airlines don't charge extra fees for checked luggage in the US?

Southwest Airlines ( allows two checked bags at no extra charge. Jet Blue ( and Alaska Airlines/Horizen Air ( allow one checked bag without an extra charge. (See the airlines' websites for size, weight or other restrictions.) Note: The above information is as of Nov. 17, 2008.

How many luggage refer by jet airways?


What hours do Jet Blue employees work?

The hours logged in by Jet Blue employees vary based on job title. If one is an office employee, management position and those who take reservations, your hours may be more traditional. Flight attendants, pilots and luggage handlers work non-traditional hours.

Is there a charge for check in luggage for Barcelona to Madrid flight?

It depends on the airline you fly with, some of the cheap airlines charge for check in luggage

How many kgs of luggage is allowed in jet airways?


In Roblox what do you have to type in Jet Wars Advance Battle to regenerate a Blue or Red Jet?

Red for a Red Jet or Blue for a Blue Jet. - keogh10

Who owns jet blue?

David Barger owns Jet blue

How many days does it take to travel by jetblue from California to Ghana?

. 2 weeks "............ But not by jet blue "....... What is jet blue plz respond to question What is jet blue?

What terminal for jet blue arrivals at Newark NJ?

what terminal is jet blue for arrivals

What size of hand luggage on easy jet flights?

56 x 45 x25cm

Who sells jet blue gift cards?

what stores sell jet blue gift cards

Work at home for Jet Blue airlines as a reservation specialist?

Jet Blue Airline's 800 Reservation Agents Work From Home - Contact Jet Blue at or 1-800-JetBlue

Where does jet blue fly?

Jet Blue flies to many destinations. Check out there "Where we jet" section of their website.

Where is the headquarters of Jet Blue Air?

The headquarters of Jet Blue Air is in Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills, New York. Jet Blue is said to be one of the best airline that one can fly with, with confidence.

Who is in charge of customer service for Jet Blue Airways?

I think you're looking for someone named Russ Chew, President and Chief Operating Officer. It seems that Customer Service should fall under his umbrella: Here is his bio from the Corporate Governance section of the Jet Blue investor relations area on the Jet Blue web site.

How much can a luggage weigh per person in jet airways?

20 kg per person

Blue dove logo?

jet blue

Does Delta Airlines charge for one carry on bag?

No currently Delta Airlines does not charge for carry-on luggage.

What is the charge per kg for extra luggage on MAS?


What terminal is Jet Blue at Newark Airport?

Jet Blue at Newark Airport, which is also known as Newark Liberty International Airport is located in terminal A. The ticket counter location for Jet Blue is located in the vicinity of Door 1 of Terminal A.

What is public contact information for Jet Blue?

In the United States, Jet Blue Airlines can be contacted at 1-800-538-2583.

How many bags are allowed for checked luggage on flights per person?

It depends on the airline. Some airlines allow the first bag for free (Delta) and charge for the second bag. Southwest airlines allows you to bring 3 pieces of luggage on for free. Other airlines charge a small fee for the first piece of luggage and a larger fee for the second piece of luggage. Now, before you book a flight you should ask what their luggage policy is because what seems like a cheap flight, may not be once you factor in the cost of luggage.

What does Horizan Airlines charge for luggage?

Horizan Airlines also known as Alaska Airlines charges anywhere from 50-75 dollars for checked luggage both ways. It is recommended to take carry on luggage which you done have to pay for.