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No , Its looks like HBK to clash Sheamus for the next title oppurtunity and sheamus to hold it atleast till WrestleMania.

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Q: Does john cena get a rematch for the WWE championship title against sheamus?
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Wwe What was sheamus first title?

The first title that Sheamus won was the Wwe Championship.

Who is the fatstest newcomer to win the WWE championship?

its sheamus. he won the title at TLC 2009 from johncena in a tables match.

What is a rematch clause?

It's a clause in a fight contract which stipulates that if the champion loses his title, he will be given an immediate rematch. In professional wrestling, the person who lost his championship may invoke a rematch clause, once, at any time he chooses.

Who won the us campionship at WrestleMania 27?

The scheduled match was meant to be Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan in a lumberjack match for the US Title, but when the match got too out of hand, Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long made the match a Non-Title Battle Royal of which The Great Khali won. The following week on Raw Sheamus and Bryan had a rematch, of which Sheamus won.

What date and year did Muhammad ali regain his heavy weight championship title?

he first regained it 30th oct 1974 against george foreman, then in his rematch with leon spinks 15th sept 1978.

Who are the 3 WWE superstars to hold all current male championships?

antonio cesaro US title. cm punk world championship. sheamus world heavyweight championship.

Will Sheamus beat John Cena at TLC?

Sheamus did beat John Cena at TLC 2009 for the WWE Championship. Which was Sheamus's first reign with the title, until losing it at the 2010 Elimination Chamber ppv to John Cena. Where McMahon screwed Cena, putting Cena in a match with Batista, after his original match and losed the title to Batista.

WILL THE undertaker get a world heavyweight championship rematch against world heavyweight champion chris Jericho?

he didnt because he faced Shawn michaels at wrestlemania and then chris Jericho lost the title when jack swagger cashed in the money in the bank

What is the title of Sheamus' theme song?

The title of Sheamus' theme song is "Written In My Face" by Jim Johnston and Sean Jenness

Who has won WWE championship in summerslam 2010?

Randy orton won by dq but sheamus kept the title sheamus pushed the ref outside randy orton hit the rko on the table after the match but the table didnt break he was pissed

John cena wins the WWE title 5 times - it was against whom?

Either Randy Orton,Sheamus or Batista

Who wins title from sheamus?

edge or john cena

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