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Does kelsey grammar speak fluent french?


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yes kelsey does speak fluent french yes kelsey does speak fluent french

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There is no site to become fluent in any language. Those will help you to improve your grammar, to enrich your vocabulary. You will become fluent only with practise.

In the sentence, 'Few Americans speak fluent French.', the pronoun (indefinite) is few; adjective fluent; verb speak.

he said in an interview that his children have leaned to speak fluent french

Fluent: English and German Fluent but spoken with difficulty: Russian and French

He can speak fluent French and a bit of Irish (Gaelic)

Yes, he speaks fluent German French and Spanish.

Probably not, but Harry can speak fluent French.

English, Fluent French and Spanish.

Yes he does. And is very fluent in the language.

glamour is "charme" in french. Trust me i speak fluent french . But you don't write good English.

If your French is fluent then you could be a translator. Perhaps you could also teach French to others.

Few is an adjective; here it modifies Americans.Fluent is also an adjective, which modifies french in this sentence.Although this sentence would be understood and accepted by any English speaker, the "grammar police" would probably prefer either "few Americans are fluent in french' or "few Americans speak french fluently".The use of the adverb 'fluently' makes it plain that we are referring to how the language is spoken rather than what words are actually said.

Yes he does there's a video on youtube and in it he speaks french and seems fluent

He learned a little. He spoke French when he won the French Open in 2010, but he's not fluent.

Morgan Freeman's first language is English, but he also speaks fluent French.

Yes, she can. She is fluent in Spanish, Latin, French & English.

Yes, She can ! Her Majesty is fluent in many languages.

Americans = noun - subject few = adjective - it modifies the subject. speak = verb fluent = adjective - it modifies the object. French = noun - object

you know iam from Paris no lye i was born there and can speak fluent french. well just ask an attendent. you know iam from Paris no lye i was born there and can speak fluent french. well just ask an attendent.

Yes, as well as English. He had an interview with Harry where they both spoke fluent French with the interviewer.

Yes, people of New Orleans speak an English dialect of French and some are fluent in full French due to the fact that the French discovered New Orleans.

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