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Does kesha have yellow teeth?


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No kesha doesn't have yellow teeth

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Sadly yes.If your parents have/had yellow teeth then it is genetics

Yes, hamsters should have yellow teeth.

yes if you have yellow teeth, you should see a dentist

You get yellow teeth by not taking care of them - brushing regularly, going to the dentist for cleaning twice a year, etc. You can also get yellow teeth from smoking.

Cigarette smoking makes teeth yellow. Red wine, tea and coffee are beverages that make teeth yellow. Poor dental hygiene also discolors the teeth.

your teeth turn yellow because of the tar in the cigarette

When you smoke your teeth do go yellow and fall out gradually.

Hamsters do have yellow teeth it is normal. it is an extra layer of enamel. It makes the rats teeth stronger

All hamsters have yellow teeth... It's normal:)

drinking cranberry juice will not turn your teeth yellow

As a general rule, teeth start out white and become more yellow with age, therefore it would be unusual although not impossible for kids to have yellow teeth. Kids can have yellow teeth if they indulge in habits and diets that cause yellowing (and even browning) of teeth - such as tobacco, coffee, not brushing, bad diet, etc. Malnutrition can also bring about yellow teeth in children.

it turns your teeth yellow

it makes your teeth yellow

Your teeth being yellow is due to the thickness or thinness of your tooth enamel showing the cementum under. Don't expect it to be really white for those who bleach teeth, its perfectly normal to have somewhat yellow teeth.

katrina kaif is not having yellow teeth. her teeth is pure white. her smile looks very beautiful.

mice have yellow teeth because they eat a lot of cheese and they cant brush.

cigarrets turn your teeth and fingers yellow it is a proven fact

i may have disarrange teeth but a least my teeth are not yellow

As his old neighbor i say he would if you HAD yellow teeth.if you HAVE yellow teeth then no.hope i helped you.

the yellow spotted lizard's teeth are black with a black tongue and red eyes that are actually yellow

how to cure yellow teeth. . . make up a little mixture: bicarboniate of soda and lemon juice. mix it together and brush onto your teeth leave for 5minutes and rinse off. and you will be yellow teeth free! =)

Yellow teeth will maintain the same shape and form as white teeth, but unlike white teeth, they will have a dull yellowish-amber tinge to them.

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