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If you put them in there it does, but otherwise no.


Like all food products ketchup has health criteria which allow some bug parts (whole bugs, bug bits, bug eggs, bug waste) as well as other materials ( fungus, dirt, rodent hair and waste) In the US the FDA has established s alist of these criteria which is available on line.

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What bugs live in ketchup?

i guess there is none but the ketchup might attract them though

What are the lyrics for ketchup on every thing from so random?

I put ketchup on everything! Ketchup on everything! Ketchup, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup on everything! In case it's not clear, I like ketchup. I have since I was a little pup, and that is why I wrote this song. Now here's a list of things I put ketchup on! Ketchup on salad, ketchup on toast, ketchup on potatoes, ketchup on pot roast, Ketchup on pudding, ketchup on biscotti, ketchup in the glove compartment when I'm riding shawty! Ketchup on string cheese, ketchup on waffles, ketchup on pickles, ketchup on falafel, ketchup alamode, ketchup on pie, ketchup is my entree with steak on the side! Ketchup on everything, ketchup on everything, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup on everything! Ketchup on everything, ketchup on everything, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup on everything! Ketchup on mustard, ketchup on mayo, ketchup on ketchup, I eat it everyday yo! Ketchup on my toothpaste, ketchup breath lingers! Ketchup on my chicken and my, lady fingers! Ketchup when it's cold, ketchup when I'm scooting, ketchup when it's hot and ketchup when it's tooting! Ketchup from squeeze bottles, ketchup from glass, ketchup in packets, you'll look like a blast! But when the ketchup won't come out, you don't have to scream and shout, Just tap three times on the back, tap tap tap! And get ready for your ketchupy snack, and if you still don't get it, You'll have to play ketchup, you'll have to play ketchup... We put ketchup on everything! Ketchup on everything! Ketchup, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup, ketchup on everything, ketchup on everything, ketchup on everything, (continues until it fades) (Laughing)

Is ketchup masculine or femine in french?

"ketchup" is masculine in French, "le ketchup". Examples: "Tu as du ketchup sur la joue." = "You have ketchup on the cheek." "Passe-moi le ketchup." = "Pass me the ketchup." "la bouteille de ketchup" = "the ketchup bottle"

What is 'ketchup' when translated from English to Italian?

"Ketchup" in English is ketchup in Italian.

Are there bugs in Ketchup?

Yes, there are, but it is unintentional. It is impossible to keep out all contaminants. Check out this article:

What is ketchup in French?


What is a ketchup sandwich?

A sandwich that has ketchup in it.

What is viscosity of ketchup?

what is the viscosity for ketchup

Is ketchup an adjective?

No, ketchup is a noun.

Can ketchup evaporate?

Can ketchup evaporate

Why do they call ketchup...ketchup?

The original chinese fish sauce was called ke-tsiap which eventually became tomato ketchup.

Is there bugs that live in ketchup?

yes it's to hard to remove all insects but there all mangled and ground in to the kechup and they don't live in it just are on the tomato before its made

Does ketchup contain carbohydrates?

No it does not. It depends on what kind of ketchup, Heinz Ketchup has eleven carbohydrates.

How do you say ketchup in french?

le ketchup

Is ketchup homogeneous?

Ketchup is 100% homogeneous.

Where can you find ketchup?

you can find ketchup in the store

What sells more mayonnaise or ketchup?


What is the antonym for ketchup?

Mustard is the antonym for ketchup.

What has more sugar ketchup or coke?


Is ketchup an acid or alkali?

Ketchup is an acid

How do you spell catsup?

ketchup Both spellings are considered correct - Ketchup or Catsup

Which sells the most in the US ketchup or salsa?

what sells more in the us ketchup or salsa? Ketchup! :-)

Are maggots in ketchup?

no there are essentially no maggots in ketchup however if you do happen to leave ketchup out and flies get to it, maggots are the spawn of flies and there will most likely be some in your old ketchup :)

Is ketchup a solution?

No, ketchup is not a solution because in a solution you can't see the particles but in ketchup if you look with a microscope you can see the particles. Making ketchup a colloid!

Is there 100 percent ketchup?

I assume you mean "ketchup which is 100% tomato", since all ketchup is 100% ketchup. The equivalent of 100% tomato ketchup would be passata (sieved tomatoes), or tinned tomatoes, or even tomato puree. (Regular ketchup also contains vinegar, sugar and spices to make it taste like ketchup).

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