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Does lamictal cause weight gain?

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I've been taking lamictal for a year and a half and I have slowly, but surely gained around 20 pounds! I don't understand why in some cases you gain weight nd in others you don't seem to, but I have noticed a not-so-subtle weight gain in myself. The most unflattering if I may say so myself.

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Does soda cause weight gain?

yes it does cause weight gain!

does lantus cause weight gain?

does lantus cause weight gain

does Apidra cause weight gain?

does Apidra cause weight gain?

Does morphine cause weight gain?

can taking morphine cause weight gain

Does the medication zantac cause weight gain?

no Zantac does not cause weight gain

Can chlamydia cause weight gain?

While people with chlamydia may gain weight, chlamydia does not itself cause weight gain.

How do antidepressants cause weight gain?

How do antidepressants cause weight gain? Is it through alteration of appetite?

Does zantac cause weight gain?

No, Zantac is an acid reducer and is not known to cause weight gain, or weight loss for that matter.

Air conditioning on can cause weight gain?

no it can make you gain weight!

Does actos cause weight gain?

Yes, the medication named Actos can in fact cause weight gain. In fact, it even states on its 'side effects' that it 'may cause weight gain'.

Does the copper T cause weight gain?

The copper IUD does not have systemic effects and does not cause weight gain.

Does thyroid problems can cause weight gain or loss and fatigue?

An over active thyroid can cause weight loss an underactive thyroid can cause weight gain

Does doxycycline cause weight gain?

Yes - it does cause weight gain. Anytime I have been put on this terrible drug I gain weight and feel extremely fatigued and tired.

Which Antidepressants that do not cause weight gain?

All potentially lead to weight gain.

Will propel cause weight gain?

Anything caloric can cause weight gain, including Propel fitness water.

Does Xanax cause weight gain?

No, xanax does not cause weight gain. If anything it makes you feel more relaxed.

Can corn starch cause weight gain?

No, not in tiny amounts. However, it can cause weight gain if you eat a lot of it.

Does lamictal cause weight loss?

I've lost weight since taking this med. Not a whole lot, but tI'm 5' 9" and originally weight 129 lbs. , not I'm 115. Keep in mind I am 5' 9". No other explanation except lamictal.

Is their an ingredient in Weight Watcher's desserts that can cause weight gain?

Anything can cause weight gain - especially if you don't watch your portion intake.

Can a nose piercing cause weight gain?

No. The cause of weight gain is an excess in calorie intake compared with energy expenditure.

Can hysterectomy cause you to gain weight?

Not the actual hysterectomy but the lack of exercise forced on you and what you eat may cause weight gain.

What vitamins make adults gain weight?

Vitamins alone do not cause weight gain.

Does lovestatin cause weight gain?

There is a side effect of weight gain with taking lovastatin.

Can lamictal cause a false positive screening for cocaine?

No, Lamictal is not an opioid derivative.

Do calories cause you to gain or lose weight?

Gain, stupid.