Does light travel fastest through glass or wood?


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it travels faster through glass it travels faster through glass

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light travels fastest through aire because it is less dence then water or glass, when light travels throught water it slows down

how do light waves travel through glass

Light travels fastest through a vacuum. Traveling through air, glass, or any other material slows it down.Free space

Light's apparent speed is fastest definitely in a vacuum and slower in water or glass. Light in air behaves more like in a vacuum than in water or glass.

Both light and sound can indeed travel through glass. These are substances in which light and sound often travel through.

Light travels fastest through a vacuum. After that it travels fastest through air since it is almost the same.

Light travels fastest through space which has no air. Space is a vacuum which is the fastest way for light to travel.

The light refracts due to the change in speed. The change in speed occurs because the light is travelling through a denser medium. So it will travel fastest through the air and slowest through the glass

Light travels fastest through vacuum.

The speed of light Changes a Little depending on what it's travelling through. Its fastest in vacuum and slower in glass or water.

Light can travel through transparent and translucent glass.

Light can travel through air, water, glass, and any transparent material.

No, apart from "spacetime". But it CAN travel through a medium such as air or glass.

According to the light spectrum, water should travel through a more violet coloured water the fastest. The speed of light through a medium is not governed by its wavelength, so colour is not a factor.

Light is an electromagnetic radiation that travel through air, vacuum, glass, plastics, ,,,

Light travels fastest through empty space.

Light travels most quickly through empty space.

No, slower. Light travels fastest in a vacuum. Anything transparent that light can pass through slows it down somewhat. Diamond crystal slows it down notably, which is part of what causes the "fire" in a diamond.

Because glass is transparent which means light can travel through it. Also because glass is clear. That's another science question answered by the Wizzo.

Yes, radio waves are a form of electro magnetic wave. Visible light is also a form of electro magnetic waves. Visible light can be seen through glass, just as radio waves can travel through glass.

Speed of light is fastest through vacuum. Although it is only about 0.001 times slower in air.

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