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While some people prefer to have background noise (such as music) going while they study, others prefer complete silence. And it also depends on the type of studying you're doing. For instance, someone studying simple math problems might be less distracted by music than someone studying advanced economics.

The key question to ask yourself is "Am I spending more time listening to the music than I am spending on my studies?" If the answer is yes, then you need to cut the music down or turn it off altogether.

The latest scientific information shows that some background noise usually does help most people "tune out" noises like traffic, construction, or people talking, and help them concentrate on what they are doing. However, this music should be slow to medium paced (not fast rock or heavy metal) and have no vocals or loud drum beats!

Music can affect you in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of music you listen to you can change your brain waves to make you achieve a higher state of awareness/concentration. Instrumentals are usually the best for studying/homework as (as long as decently light) they take you into the alpha brainwave state. You get your most heightened sense of awareness and concentration in this type of brainwave. Stay away from rough beats and lyrics as they can be distracting to your work.

Some people (I am one of them) cannot concentrate when it is too quiet around them. These people do benefit from having music playing quietly in the background while they work. Notice the emphasis on quiet - playing your favorite music loudly will just distract you from your work, and will have a negative effect on your studies. Sometimes it helps to play Classical Music or jazz - music without words - because many people key in when they hear words, and subconsciously focus to figure out what is being said.

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Q: Does listening to classical music help you to study?
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Is it more efficient to study while listening to music?

yes because the music crams away the other thoughts to help you study

Is it ok to listen to classical music while you sleep?

Listening to classical music can help stimulate your brain. It also reduces stress and helps you relax. I think it has no affect on you whilst asleep. Go for it!

Can listening to music on a Ipod or MP3 player help students learn?

Yes it can. Not all music though. Research has proven that classical and rock music relax students and help tem concentrate.

Can music take your decrease your stress?

choosing a type of music genre suitable for this will help decreasing your stress. If you enjoy the music you are listening to or if you listen to classical music, then yes, it can get rid of stress.

Can classical music improve your memory?

Some scientist say that listening to Mozart will help your memory and others scientist say that it didn't help at all.

Can listening to music help you concentrate?

Listening to can music help you concentrate but it will depend on the type of music. For most people, the prefer some smooth background music so as to concentrate.

Does listening to classical music help you do your homework?

Studies have shown that playing soft music during studies can actually boost concentration. Having the soft classical music in the background helps to calm and relax your mind, so you are not stressing as much about the studies, therefore enabling you to concentrate more. The studies found that this only works with classical or jazz music. Sometimes it may work with gentle gospel music, but not as often or as well as classical.

Does listening to music help you focus more?


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Why does listening to music help some people work?

It helps with blocking out the rest of the world around them so that they will focus on their work. But some people can't listen to music because they get distracted. It depends on the type of person you are. Listening to music tends to work for me as well. And also, plain music, such as classical works a lot better than lyrical.

How does listening to music help with studying?

I personally think that listening to music puts you in a good mood when you don't really want to be studying, but at the same time I think music doesn't help with studying, and that it just distracts you and unfocuses you...

Does listening to music help your brain remember things?

Only on tuesdays.

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