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Q: Does low calcium cause nose bleeds?
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Can low iron cause nose bleeds?


How can you go from nose bleeds a sign of high blood pressure to fainting a sign of low blood pressure within the space of 2 weeks?

If your nose bleeds were a sign of high blood pressure you most likely saw a medical provider. They probably put you on blood pressure lowering medication and this medication may have dropped the pressure to low. There are also things that will spike a blood pressure really high such as cocaine and certain medical conditions (pheochromocytoma) I'm only 19 but my parents have high and low blood pressure, my mum's low blood pressure causes her to feel faint, she works for the nhs and pointed out when i was younger (because i would get nose bleeds weekly) that i may have high blood pressure like my dad. I've only had my bloodpressure checked twice once it was very low, my friend who is studying biology did it, and the other time it was normal, that time a nurse did it. I also dont do any drugs and i dont have any medical conditions that would cause this

What are the side effects of using barberry?

Do not use for more than two consecutive weeks. Excessive use may cause nose bleeds, lethargy, kidney irritation, skin and eye inflammation, headaches and low blood sugar. Affects normal bilirubin in infants.

What does calcium do for muscles spasm's?

Low levels of calcium may cause cramping and muscle spasms. However, high levels of calcium may cause problems as well. Having the right amount of calcium in your diet may help treat spasms.

If Calcium concentrations were low muscle contractions might fail because?

It is the release of calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum that then binds with actin-myosin ATPase to cause contractions. Low calcium would first affect the release of acetylcholine from the pre-synaptic terminus.

Why is my bearded dragon flinching?

it is low in calcium and if you leave it to long it could cause death.

Does hypercalcemia cause muscle tetany?

Hypocalcemia ( a low serum calcium level), not hypercalcemia ( a high serum calcium level), tends to cause muscle spasm and in severe cases may lead to muscle tetany.

What are signs of internal bleeding from small blood vessel damage?

The blood pressure is often low and there may be signs of bleeding from other organs (like coughing up blood, nose bleeds, blood in the urine).

Tetany is caused by?

Tetanus (Clostrudium tetani toxin) gets its name from its ability to cause tetany. The most common cause is low serum calcium levels which can be caused by parathyroid hormone or vitamin D deficiency. Hyperventilating or other acid-base problems can shift the binding of calcium and cause effectively low levels and tetany. Low magnesium and excess potassium can also do it.

What effects vitamin d to your health?

It increases the intestinal absorption of calcium. Low levels of vit. D leads to low calcium stores, increasing the risk of fracture. Excessive doses of vit. D can be toxic for the body. It can raise blood calcium levels that may cause grogginess and constipation.

What may cause a Combination of low calcium and low total protein and low globulin on a blood test?

Low globulin can be due to immune deficiency associated with decreased antibody production. This would also account for lower total protein (because globulin is a protein), however it would not account for the low calcium level. Calcium is bound to protein in the blood, so low protein can be associated with a spruriously low calcium (i.e. a calcium number that is low without actual calcium deficiency). This may be the case if the albumin (another protein) is low, and there is a formula to correct calcium for low albumin, where: Corrected Calcium = (0.8 * (Normal Albumin - Pt's Albumin)) + Serum Ca Alternatively, an ionized calcium level can be checked and will be normal if the serum calcium was only low due to low albumin. Without knowing the clinical context (which would be very helpful), the most likely single explanation for low globulin, low total protein, and low serum calcium is protein nutritional deficiency. In this case, the body is overall protein deficient and so it is not uncommon to find a decrease in all protein levels (especially if severe). In this case, the low serum calcium is due to low albumin, as above. This can be further explored by checking a pre-albumin level (typically low if protein deficiency due to poor diet). You should talk to the physician who orderd the tests for a better answer, as only he or she knows why the tests were ordered and can interpret them in the appropriate clinical context.

Low-calcium diets may increase your risk of obesity?

Low calcium diets may increase risk of obesity if they are high in fats or calories. Often a diet that is good in one area is too high in other areas and can cause weight gain.

What happens when blood calcium is low?

When the blood calcium is low, the bones in the body release calcium to supplement it. This is a condition which is known as hypocalcemia.

Does calcium have high or low electronegativity?


Foaming on top of pool water?

Usually caused by an algaecide or a low calcium hardness level. Most of the "cheaper" algaecides will cause foaming.

Why do mountaineers suffer from nose bleeds at high altitudes?

At high altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is low, and as altitude increases pressure decreases. So if the pressure of atmosphere changes suddenly, the blood vessels on our body will burst due to pressure of the blood and other fluids inside.

What can cause sudden onset of seizures in a dog?

Many different things can cause a sudden onset of seizures in dogs. These include low calcium after birthing puppies or a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Calcium absorption increases when the body's calcium status is low?


What is the Medical term meaning low blood calcium level?

Hypocalcemia is the condition resulting from abnormally low levels of calcium in the blood.

What does it mean when calcium hardness is low in a pool?

Low Calcium Hardness in pool water means that there is low calcium in the water and is considered "soft" and soft water tends to be corrosive. It will etch away and your plaster and any metal object the pool water touches.

Why a high speed collision between two cars would cause more damage than a low-speed collision between the same two cars?


Is calcium phosphate soluble?

No, calcium phosphate is insoluble. This is why calcium levels are kept low inside the cytoplasm (eukaryotic cells).

When a person's diet is too low in calcium the blood levels of calcium will remain constant because the body will get calcium from?


What does it mean if you smell ammonia in your nose?

The most common cause of having an ammonia smell in your nose is your diet. People who have a high protein and low carbohydrate diet can smell ammonia and their sweat can actually smell like ammonia too.

Where do calcitonin and parathyroid hormones come from?

Calcitonin is released from thyroid gland in response to hypercalemia. On the other hand, parathyroid hormone- as you guessed - is from parathyroid gland in response to low levels of blood calcium. Which will cause calcium to be released from bone into blood to compensate.