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Does ludacris write his own music?


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Yes, ludacris does write his own lyrics.

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Yes, Ludacris indeed writes his own lyrics.

Yes, Ludacris writes all his songs.

Yes, he does write his own music

Ludacris was in Justin's music video "Baby."

i think that lil wane oes not write his own music.

no ciara dose not do her own music

People do help Carrie do her music but other than that yes she does write her own music.

She does write some of her own music but some people write music for her too.

of course why would she let someone else write her own music

Blink-182 does write their own music, so yes.

No, he never wrote his own music.

Yes, they write their own material.

Ludacris wrote Runaway Love in 2006

They don't! Composers write thier own music.

Yes, tobyMac mainly writes his own music.

Yes, they actually write their own songs and music.

Yes, One Direction does write their music! All the members co-write them.

When Musicians write their own music it's called...Composing Music

some of their songs they write them selves.

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P!nk writes almost all of her own music! :D

Yes. Except for their cover songs/albums, they write their own music.


She said in some interviews she does write her own music, she probably has a little help but i think she writes it all herself.

to write good music easily it probably best to own the sibelius music writing system as that is the easiest that i have tried

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