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Does ludacris write his own songs?


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Yes, Ludacris writes all his songs.

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Yes, ludacris does write his own lyrics.

Yes, Ludacris indeed writes his own lyrics.

Yes , Nickelback write their own songs .

Yes, they write their own songs.

yes, skillet does write their own songs

Yes they do write their own songs

She doesn't write her own songs.

Does Jessica Mauboy write her own songs?

Yes, they actually write their own songs and music.

NO Willow does not write her own songs. She says that "she doesn't because, she is to young and it is to dificult for her to write her own songs".

Selena Gomez does not write her own songs she just sings them

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No he did not write his own songs

Yes. Except for their cover songs/albums, they write their own music.

YES Ryan does write his own songs in One Republic

There are a number of lists of popular Ludacris songs as voted by fans. The top five Ludacris songs are; Southern Hospitality, Move Bitch, What's Your Fantasy, Area Codes and Saturday.

Hmmm,.. i dont know many ludacris songs but a big hit he was in was Baby with Justin Bieber

She's written a couple of her own songs, but usually she has others to write them for her.

Yes you can be famous and not write songs. It is better to write songs. There are people who can write you songs or you can just buy them from people. Not all stars write their own songs.

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They write most of their own songs. Two examples are Revenge is Sweeter and In Another Life

pink writes her own songs with other people

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