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If you have alot of pimples or just one, and you put concealer or foundation or anything over top of your pimple, it can cause it to be bigger and worse. Also, if you leave makeup on while you are sleeping and don't wash and moisterize your face properly then you can get pimples because you are clogging your pore's and that causes pimples.

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Q: Does makeup cause pimples
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Can you wear makeup over skin id?

No, because if you do it would cause more pimples.

Does makeup give you pimples?

Yes they do give u pimples.

How do you get rid of pimples in hours have to attend a party?


How can you get rid of pimples without makeup?

Joe Williams

How do get rid of sudden pimples?

if you wear makeup and get pimples it means that you haven't washed off properly, you need to wash your makeup off every night, use cleanser and the moisturize!

Does greyson chance like a girl that has zits and pimples?

Qyeaaa. He doesn't like makeup but the pimples have to be big and juicy

Could heavy makeup cause more pimples?

Yes, if you already have an acne prone skin then makeup can irritate the skin and cause acne. Also, if make up is not removed properly you can get acne. The best acne treatment for this condition is to not apply makeup especially when you have a lot of acne on the face.

What foods cause pimples?

* Food does not cause pimples, touching your face and not washing your face twice a day causes pimples. * Too much refined (processed) carbohydrate can certainly cause pimples.

Does wearing makeup for guys affect their skin the same as it does women?

Wearing makeup can affect everyone's skin the same. Men and women have different skin in a sense, but it can tend to cause oil problems, and pimples as well.

Can a lack of vegetables cause pimples?

no a lack of veg doesnt cause pimples or spots but they are good for you.........

Can semen cause pimples?

No! No

Can computer cause pimples?


Does coke cause pimples?


What is on your face?

Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, lips, freckles, makeup, pimples

What is the formal hypothesis of chocolate may cause pimples?


Do cashew nuts cause drowsiness?

no, but they do cause pimples

How do celebrities never have pimples or zits?

they do get them, they just use skin cream and makeup to hide them (:

Does mastuburtion cause of pimples on face?

No, it does not.

Can herpes cause you to break out in pimples?

No it will not cause a pimple breakout.

Can kissing cause pimples if the spouse is having pimples?

if it's just pimples, it shouldn't be a problem if you wash your face every day

What is makeup foudation?

It's a thick powder used to cover redness, pores, zits, and pimples.

What glands cause pimples?

oil glands

Does alcohol cause pimples on the nose?

hell no

Does drinking milk cause pimples?

Yes, it can.

What problems does chocolate cause?

It causes pimples.