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I've been using it for one month and have noticed my hair has gotten longer

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How can you make your hair grow quicker?

Dont use heat. If you get mane and tail products it will help.

What is the horse shampoo that makes hair grow?

mane and tail

Easy ways to make your hair grow fast?

mane and tail shampoo.

How do you make a horse's hair grow longer?

Use mane and tail shampoo

Does mane n tail help hair grow?

actually it does make your hair longer. i've used it for 3 months now and it miraculously gained lenght for like about 4-5 inches!Mane n Tail shampoo does say that the shampoo helps hair grow. This is not a scientific fact, but the shampoo has great reviews.

Can I use Mane N Tail shampoo and will it really make my hair stronger?

Mane N Tail has been reviewed as making hair thicker and stronger but does not cause it to grow faster.

Which shampoo makes your hair grow faster?

Mane 'n Tail shampoo & conditioner.

Does mane n tail make your hair grow faster?

Mane "N" Tail deep cleans your hair and moisturizes your hair, this will stop breakage and repair it. so hair will grow faster do to the fact you will not have split ends. it is very cheap and you get 32oz. very good deal for a very good product.

Is using Mane and tail for hair a good product?

I know that on the bottle of Mane and tail it said "for human use" and "for animal use" but Mane and tail is actually very good for your hair.

Are horses born with hair?

yes. They are born with fuzzy hair and then as they grow older, their mane and tail become more coarse and thicker.

How does hair products affect the growth of your hair?

A small portion of products actually help hair grow, but the rest just make it shinier or straighter. Theres a shampoo u can get called mane n tail, it makes yer hair grow likes weeds

Does 'main and tail' help human hair grow faster?

"Mane & Tail" is usually used for horses and believe it or not many people use it because it's keeps what hair you have healthier and therefore your hair would seem to grow faster because you wouldn't have split-ends that break-off.

Does Mane n Tail really make your hair grow faster?

yes it does ive been using it for about 3months and my hair has grown about 5inchs

How fast does mane n' tail make your hair grow?

it doesnt it just conditions it. I tried that too... :]

What is a horses tuft of hair?

A mane or its tail

How do you make your hair grow faster without using medication?

roxsane lenec is using Mane ;n Tail and Body SHAMPOO

Is there a shampoo and conditioner that can help your hair grow?

I heard Maine and Tail was

How often should mane n tail be used in humans to grow hair?

My stylist (who also styles celebrities) recommended Mane n Tail to me and I'm glad he did. I love the results and the soft hair. However, he did suggest to use the conditioner not more than every other day.

What do you call the hair at the back of the horse?

This is called the horse's tail. The tail is the hair on the horses behind but the hair on the horses neck is called the mane.

Does mane n tail work for black people?

Mane N Tail hair condition is great for all kinds of hair types. On natural, coarse hair, it is non-greasy and leaves hair feeling soft and looking healthy.

Is mane n tail shampoo for boys?

No. It's shampoo for horses. For real. You can use it though. It'll make your hair grow faster too.

Does mane and tail help hair grow faster?

Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner really seem to leave hair clean and soft. It makes hair healthy and strong. Healthy and strong hair will grow better, and perhaps faster, because of the level of health.ANS2:There is no such thing as healthy hair. Hair is dead. What you see that makes it appear that your hair is growing faster is that the shampoo and conditioner leaves behind residue that lubricates the hair shaft or makes it less brittle so the hair is breaking off less. If you EAT a balanced diet and lay off the junk food you stand a good chance of growing hair faster and thicker.

How do you grow hair quickly?

mane n' tail shampoo really helps.If you wee in a pot and mix it with bleach and lemon juice, I find that this helps the hair to grow fast, and also makes it extremely soft and in good condition! :)

What is name for horse hair?

a mane is the front of the horse and the back is called a tail

How do you know which shampoo suits your hair?

mane n' tail grows your hair longer. depends on what kind of hair you hav !!!

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