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Methane is being released from melting ice caps. Ice caps are melting from higher tempetures from green house gases

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What is the Melting point methane gas?

Methane gas melts at −184°C for more info refer the chemistry dictionary.

Is methane gas poisonous?

natural gas and methane are not poisonous if breathed but will displace oxygen from air and will cause suffocation and is as well as explosive. it is a greenhouse gas and will cause global warming.

Would the melting of permafrost cause a runaway greenhouse effect?

It's possible. Yes. Permafrost is essentially frozen peaty deposits in many of the arctic regions of the world. As the organics have slowly decomposed over thousands of years under anaerobic conditions they have released methane gas which has been trapped in the ice and organic fiber matrix of the permafrost materials. Melting permafrost releases this methane which is a potent greenhouse gas. The feedback of global warming causing the melting and the melting releasing methane to enhance the warming effect creates a greater and growing problem.

What gas causes Uranus' to be blue?

Methane gas cause the color to be blue. (;

How does cow burps cause the pollution?

they cause it because there flatulence contains methane and methane is a greenhouse gas and a mojor contribution to global warning

What causes methane emissions?

There are several sources:cow's flatulence.termitesanaerobic digestion and decaynatural gas leaksmelting permafrostdecomposition of methane hydrates

Does gas energy contribute to global warming?

if you burn gases such as methane then yes (the gas probably will not cause much, if any, harm if not burnt excluding methane)

What effects does global warming have on the taiga biome?

The taiga is melting, releasing methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas.

What does garbage pollution cause?

Garbage pollution can cause emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

Why are scientists worried about the thaw in Siberia?

Scientists are concerned because the thaw in Siberia will release methane from the melting tundra. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas which is contributing to global warming.

How does animal gas cause pollution?

Ruminant animals (cows etc.) have a bacterial population in their intestines that produces methane as it digests cellulose. The methane is emitted to the atmosphere. Methane is a greenhouse gas impacts global warming.

What is the cause of most air pollution?

Believe it or not cars or factories are not the most air pollution. It is really Methane gas. Methane gas goes into the air actually when cows burp and pass gas.

Does methane gas come from automobiles?

No, methane gas comes from organic material that rots anaerobically (without air), like belching cattle, or the melting of tundra and frozen lakes. Carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas that comes from automobiles (when fossil fuel is burnt).

What gas can cause acid rain?

methane..... also brown and highly poisnes!!

How is methane deadly to the environment?

It is a green house gas, which cause global warming.

Does Uranus have methane gas?

Yes, Uranus does have methane gas.

Is methane a gas or an alloy?

Methane is obviously a gas and not an alloy.

Where does the greenhouse gas methane come from?

Methane is almost the same as natural gas, a fossil fuel which is drilled for under the ground. Methane is also produced by anaerobic degradation of animal wastes, and, in fact, any organic matter, as well as from the belching of ruminant animals, like cattle. Methane is also released from melting tundra and frozen lakes.

Is carbon dioxide the only gas causing global warming?

No, but carbon dioxide is the main gas. Methane is the next most important gas causing global warming. Methane is more than twenty times more powerful than carbon dioxide, but not so plentiful. Methane comes from cattle, as well as from melting lakes and tundra.

What does the heating of the oceans cause?

Fish and other creatures die. The layer of methane gas underneath the ocean gets closer to breaking open. Ice caps melt, so polar bears and seals drown. Sucks, don't it?

Where can methane hydrate be found?

Methane hydrate can be found in oceans where the temperature is cold enough for this substance to form. It is essentially methane gas trapped in ice in what cjemists call a clathrate. There is a danger some climatologists say that the warming of the ocean will cause methane hydrate to release the trapped methane gas, which because it is a potent greenhouse gas would speed up global warming.

How much damage does global warming cause?

methane gas and flooding are to main reasons

What is natural gas methane?

natural gas is another name for methane

Is methane a natural gas?

Methane is another word for natural gas

What type of archaebacteria produce methane gas?

Does Archaebacteria have methane gas?

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