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Q: Does mikey way from mcr have aids?
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Is mikey way for mcr still married?


Does Gerard Way have a twin?

No. He has a brother, Mikey Way who plays bass for mcr.

Are all the band members of mcr relatives?

No. Gerard way and Mikey way are.

Who are the people in the band mcr?

Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, and Ray Toro.

Who are the members of MCR?

vocalist: Gerard way bass: mikey wayrhythym guitarist: frank ieroelectric guitarist: ray torodrummer: ?

Is mikey way dead?

Mikey Way, the bassist for My Chemical Romance, isn't dead. He is still touring and making music with the rest of MCR. He's appeared in many interviews and their latest Music Videos Nanana and Sing.

Who is jet star from mcr?

Party Poison- Gerard Way Jet Star- Ray Toro Frank Iero- Fun Ghoul Mikey Way- Kobra Kid

What is the name of Gerard way's brother?

mikey way mikey way mikey way

Are Mikey Way and Gerad Way related?

Mikey and Gerard Way are brothers

Who are the five members of My Chemical Romance?

Gerard Way (vocals), Ray Toro (guitar, vocals), Frank Iero (guitar, vocals), Mikey Way (bass), Bob Bryar (drums). i luv mcr so u can trust me. lol

Who are the current My Chemical Romance band members in 2011?

Currently, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro. Michael Pedicone has been touring with MCR doing drums but I'm not entirely sure if he is a part of the band yet.

When was mikey way born?

Mikey Way was born on September 10th, 1980

Does Gerard way love mikey way?

Yes,Gerard Way loves Mikey Way,but its brotherly love =]

Was mikey way suicidal?

There was a rumour of a possible suicide attempt by Mikey way in 2006

Is mikey way still married?

Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance is still married.

Does mikey have asthma?

If your talking about Mikey Way, then no he doesn't have asthma.

Are there brothers in My Chemical Romance?

Yes, there are. The two brothers are Gerard and Mikey Way. Gerard Way is the lead singer, and Mikey Way is the bass player. Mikey Way is the younger one of the two of them.

Does Gerard love his brother mikey way?

Yes,Gerard Way loves his brother,Mikey.

Are Gerard Way and Mikey left handed?

Gerard Way isn't, but I don't know about Mikey.

When was Mikey James Way born?

Mikey James Way was born on 1980-09-10.

What is the birth name of Mikey Way?

Mikey Way's birth name is Michael James Way.

What mikey way birthday?

Mikey Way's Birthday is September 10

Was mikey way abused when he was a kid?

No! Gerard and Mikey had loving parents

What did Mikey Way study in college?

Mikey did not attend college. He dropped out.

Who are the band members of mcr?

Gerard Way is the lead vocals. Ray Toro is the lead guitarist. Frank Iero is the rhythm guitarist. mikey Way, Gerard way's brother, is the bassist. Bob Bryar is the drummer, and he replaced drummer, Matt, after Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.