Does milk rust metal?

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No, it does not have any acid

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Does metal rust?

The only metal that can rust is iron.

How does water make metal rust?

When the water makes the metal rust the oxidation will go on top of the metal and rust.

Does aerosol make metal rust?

Aerosol does not make metal rust, rust is actually another element in the air effecting the metal.

Can milk rust a nail?

Unless the milk decomposes and releases oxygen, it should not rust.

How do you rust metal?

A way to rust metal is by soaking/putting water in it for a frew weeks, then it starts to rust.

Is gold the only metal that does not rust?

Gold is not the only metal that does not rust. Copper is another metal that doesn't rust, and so is platinum and nickel.

Does salt water makes a metal turn into rusts or is it fresh water that turns a metal turn into a rust?

They will both rust metal. Salt water just makes the metal rust faster. However, it is iron combined with oxygen that causes rust. So, if the metal isn't or doesn't contain iron, it will not rust.

Is metal rust a physical or chemical property?

The rusting of a metal is a chemical property because the rust is not removable from the metal.

Is rust a type of fungus?

No, rust is the formation of a layer of a metal oxide on the surface of a metal.

Why does rust flake away from metal?

Rust flakes away from metal because its a layer of loose material. The metal underneath is no longer protected and will begin to rust also.

How can rust be prevented?

Rust can be prevented by applying a protective layer to the metal. It prevents oxygen from getting to the metal. If the protective layer flakes away the metal will start to rust and the rust will spread under the protective layer!

Which metals do not rust?

any metal with out iron will not 'rust'

Does bronze metal rust?

No. Bronze doesn't rust.

How does cast iron respond to rust?

Rust is the oxidation of the cast iron. Oxygen in the air combines with the base metal to create the rust. The rust protects the metal underneath. Cast iron is not "reacting" to rust. It is participating in FORMING the rust. ************** previous answer below *************** Very well as the rust actually protects the base metal

What metals rust the fastest?

Iron is the only metal that rusts - rust is a specific term for that metal.

Does metal furniture rust easily?

If untreated and left exposed to the elements metal furniture will rust.

Can orange jucie rust metal?

yes orange jucie does rust metal.

How long does it take for something to rust?

Since rust is the oxidation of metal, it would depend on what type of metal it is. More oxygen as well as salt would make a metal rust faster. Some metal can start to rust in as fast as a week if left out in the elements.

Is metal rust bad for trees?

Metal rust will not harm trees. There are a number of fungus rusts that can harm plants but they are not metal rusts.

Does blood rust?

no liquids/water don't rust they cause rust on metal objects

Rust is formed as a result of oxidation of which metal?

Rust is formed as a result of oxidation of iron (Fe) metal.

What liquids make metal rust?

the main liquid that makes metal rust is water fo-sho

How do things rust?

things rust by oxygen touching the surface of the metal and the metal having a chemical reaction to it.

How do you make rust on little alchemy?


Is rust a metal?

Rust occurs when iron and oxygen meet and the oxygen causes the iron to decay. Yes in a way, rust is the corroded metal iron.