Does misa amane kill herself?

According to 13: How to Read, Misa loses her memories related to using the Death Note and retains her love for Light. Since it is in the nature of a Death Note user to "suffer misfortune", Misa falls into despair after someone "like Matsuda" "probably let it slip" that Light died. When she regains her memories by Rem telling her Rem states that if Light tries to harm Misa in anyway she will kill him. Misa responds "I don't exactly want to be loved by a Shinigami, and if Light died I couldn't live on without him. There's no way Light would kill Misa-Misa. And why would you go so far for me." Most likely foreshadowing events to come because Light does die. Despite fan rumors, the cloaked woman who appears at the end of the manga is not Misa, but an unnamed follower of Kira. Misa's fate is not shown in the manga at all; she was last seen staying at the Teito Hotel. Ohba stated that this was simply because he did not have a situation to fit her in.
At the anime's finale, Misa appears standing outside the safety rail on the edge of a skyscraper looking into the sunset dressed in Gothic Lolita clothing (which incidentally happens to be the same one in episode 25 which leads the viewers to wonder whether this had been a future reference), presumably about to jump to her death It is left up to the viewers if she dies for the ones who haven't read the manga).

That does actually seem to symbolize her committing suicide. It's quite obvious that she'd do that to herself when Light dies.

In the anime, it's implied (although never actually said) that she kills herself, because she's standing on the top of a very tall building near the edge, looking down, then it zooms out on the building.

In the manga, she lives for about a year after Light dies, but then Misa dies because of her shortened lifespan (she made the shinigami eye trade twice, so she cut her lifespan in half, then in half again).