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Does misty meet dawn?

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no May does

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What episode does Misty meet dawn in Pokemon?

there no Pokemon episode when misty meet dawn

What episode does misty meet dawn?


Does dawn ever meet misty?

So far no.

When was Misty Dawn born?

Misty Dawn was born on 1963-05-15.

Is there an episode where may misty and dawn fight over ash?

Yes but it's not all three at the same time it was, misty and may, may and dawn, misty and dawn

Does ash have a crush on misty may and dawn?

its only misty noot may or dawn only misty.

Does ash have a crush on misty may or dawn from Pokemon?

Yes, actually its Dawn! Not misty or may! He likes all of the girls but Dawn the most because he pays more attention to Dawn not may or misty!

Who does ash like more misty or dawn?

it depends if you like misty or dawn (it could be anyone of them)

Does dawn meet misty?

Misty and May have met in the episode with Togepi evolving to Togetic. It is very likely that Dawn and May will eventually meet. If they haven't already. After all her Evee does evolve into Glaceon. Misty may have made a couple of other appearances I am unaware of also. As long as the shows succeed they will continue to make new seasons with new females.

In Pokemon does Dawn ever meet Misty?

No, Unfortunately they will not. But Iris will be meeting Dawn pretty soon. "If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!"

In Pokemon when does misty meet dawn?

No see does not, and unfortunately they will not be meeting. But Iris will be meeting Dawn pretty soon! "If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!"

Does ash really love may misty or dawn?


Who is the better Pokemon girl Dawn Misty or May My personal opinion is May?

Misty is funny, May is nice, Dawn is pretty. Well for me i have to say misty and than may and then dawn. Because misty is awesome. She is the best Pokemon girl May is okay Dawn is horrible like whats up with her hair.

Who do you like the most Dawn or May or Misty?


Who is better may misty or dawn?

Misty. She was a way better Pokemon trainer

Do most people like may dawn or misty to be with ash?

Misty and Ash were always meant to be and Dawn and May are whiney, girly, little babies. Misty ♥ Ash forever.

Does misty may and dawn appear in one episode?

no. but there is an episode with dawn and may.

Will misty return in Pokemon?

No, unfortunately she will not be returning. But Dawn will be returning soon to meet Iris. If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!

Ash is better with Dawn or Misty?

I think Misty because she is only one year older and I think Dawn should go with Brock and Tracey with May!!!

Who would win Misty or May or Dawn in a Pokemon battle?

Dawn would triumph.

Does Misty May or Dawn kiss Ash?

Dawn i don't recall anyone of them kissing him.

Who does Ash fall in love with?

misty,may,and dawn

Was may misty or dawn hand cuff?

sure was.

Are misty may and dawn ashs girlfriends?


Does misty may and dawn like ash?