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Mount Rainier has a summit pit but does not have a caldera.

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No. It has a amphitheater-shaped crater formed by a landslide. The 1980 eruption was not large enough to form a caldera.

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Q: Does mount rainier have a caldera at its summit?
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What is the highest mountain in WA?

Mount Rainier, 14,411'/4392m, Mount Rainier National Park. Mount Rainier is Washington's highest summit, and the highest of the Cascade Range volcanoes.

What are facts about Mount Veniaminof?

It's a stratovolcano with a summit caldera, and the caldera formed after the colossal eruption around 1750 B.C.

Where is the Mount Rainier Branch in Mount Rainier located?

The address of the Mount Rainier Branch is: 3409 Rhode Island Ave., Mount Rainier, 20712 2073

What is the composition of Mount Rainier?

what is the composite of Mount rainier

How can Mt Rainier impact us if we live by Tacoma mall?

An eruption of Mount Rainier could melt the glaciers at its summit and trigger a massive mudflow that could bury parts of Tacoma.

What is the phone number of the Mount Rainier Branch in Mount Rainier?

The phone number of the Mount Rainier Branch is: 301-864-8937.

What are the different parts of Mount Vesuvius?

It has a "humpbacked" mountain with a large cone partially encircled by the steep rim of a summit caldera.....

Who is the mayor of Mount Rainier?

There is no mayor of Mount Rainier. It is a volcano, not a town.

Is mount Rainier a hotspot?

No. Mount Rainier is near a subduction zone.

What type of cone does Mount Rainier have?

Mount Rainier has built a composite cone.

Is Mount Rainier a composite volcano?

Yes. Mount Rainier is a composite volcano.

When was Mount Rainier Wilderness created?

Mount Rainier Wilderness was created in 1988.