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Moisture does play a great part in cheese preserving, but it also depends on how you are storing it.

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Why does mold grow faster on mozzarella cheese than cheddar cheese?

Mold requires moisture to thrive. It also requires a specific pH to grow at all. Mozzarella contains more moisture, and is less acidic than cheddar.

Why does mozzarella cheese grow mold faster than cheddar cheese?

Because it is the whey in the cheese that moulds. Mozzarella has a high whey content and therefore moulds quickly. Also cheddar cheese is acidic which helps kill the bacteria that causes moulding.

Will cheddar cheese mold faster than cream cheese?

Cream cheese will mould faster than cheddar.

Does mozzarella cheese have more moisture than cheddar cheese?

The moisture levels depend on how the cheese was prepared, so moisture levels vary.

Is mozzarella cheese lower in cholesterol than American or cheddar?

Yes it mostly is since chedder and american cheese are processed while mozerallah could be found fresh

Which cheese molds faster cheddar cheese or monterrey cheese?

Jack cheeses (including monterrey) are softer, less aged cheeses and will mold faster than harder cheeses like cheddar under the same conditions. This is because there is a higher moisture content in jack type cheeses than in harder, more aged cheeses like cheddar.

Why does Swiss cheese mold faster than cheddar and marblejack?

Cheddar and marblejack are much thicker and have usually aged for much longer. If you feel Swiss cheese, it is much softer, and like fruits, softer cheeses usually mold faster.

Will cheddar cheese grow mold faster in the dark or in the light?

The temperature is more of a factor than light.

Why does cheddar cheese grow mold faster than other cheeses?

because it got alot of oil in it and vinger in it.

Is cheddar cheese famous in the UK?

Cheddar is certainly the most popular cheese in the UK, more Cheddar is sold than any other cheese but I would not describe it as 'famous'.

How many calories in string cheese?

Calories in string cheeseThe calorie content varies from brand to brand and in relation to what type of cheese is used. Cheddar string cheese, for example, has more calories than mozzarella string cheese.Here are a few examples:Approx 60-111 calories overall according to brand and type of cheeseApprox 111 calories in 1 oz of cheddar string cheeseApprox 110 calories in one piece of cheddar string cheeseApprox 81 calories in 1 oz of mozzarella string cheeseApprox 80 calories in one piece of mozzarella string cheeseApprox 61 calories in 1 oz of string cheese (light)Approx 60 calories in one piece of string cheese (light).For the calories in regular cheese, please see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Can you swap Swiss cheese for mozzarella cheese?

Yes, if you don't mind a slightly different flavor in the cheese. They both melt similarly, but Swiss cheese has a stronger flavor than mozzarella.

What cheese grows mold faster between Parmesan Mozzarella and cream cheese?

Deffintly not parmesan it is the driest of all of them. I would say cream cheese because it has more moisture in it than the other you mention.:)

Is American cheese more nutritional than cheddar cheese?

I would think that cheddar cheese is better for you because it has more, unpasteurised, milk and less additives.

What is better nutritionally for you cheddar or American cheese?

Believe it or not, American cheese is actually better for individuals than cheddar cheese. Despite comman hypothesis that American cheese is unhealthy and is made from the worst parts of cow milk, it actually contains some nutritional benefits, in which, cheddar cheese lacks. First of all, cheddar cheese has far more calories per slice than that of a slice

Is cheddar cheese good for you?

Better than American!! ;-)

Is Swiss cheese better for you than cheddar?

Yes. It's supposed to be less sodium than cheddar. That's why cheddar tastes better to most people than Swiss does...

What is the difference between cheddar cheese and sharp cheddar cheese?

Sharp cheddar cheese has been aged longer than milder cheddars, bringing out its more pungent flavor. Mild cheddar is usually aged for just a few months, while sharp cheddar may be aged for a year or even more.

Does cheddar cheese grow mold faster than white cheese grows mold?

It depends on the brand/type of cheddar cheese and white cheese. In many cases cheese is intentionally aged for better taste. A lot of the cheese you buy these days is loaded with preservatives, despite the fact that cheese has an astounding shelf life. The rate at which something grows mold also has a lot to do with the conditions it is under, as well.

Does cheddar cheese moldes the fastest than other cheese?

No it is one of the slowest to develop mould.

What is inside cheddar cheese?

cheddar. * Cheese is made from milk. water is extracted from the milk. Cheddar cheese has much more water extracted than soft cheeses like cream cheese. Salt is added, rennet is added, a starter culture is added. There are different recipes but this is a general idea.

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