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Of course, it has since the dawn of time.

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Music bring people together?

music bring people together

Why is there music?

Music is a way of expressing your feelings. Music is life. Music is what can bring people together. Music is here because for some of is our passion! :)

Why is the guitar useful?

That's pretty vague but the answer bring people together! Well not only guitars but all music. Music is as common and undeniable as mathematics and you won't find a person in the world that has never loved to listen to some sort of music. So grab a guitar and learn to bring people together!

Forces that bring people together are called?

Centripetal forces bring people together.

How does music bring people together?

There might be a shared interest in particular types of music, which mean people can enjoy an experience together either just listening, or talking about the music. Or music that might mean little to them can set a background mood which creates the opportunity for people to get to know one another better.

How did the Olympics bring the world together?

bring people together . c:

How does basketball bring people together?

By putting people together.

Why is music able to bring communities together?

music is like a skillful fragile art, it brings everyone together with its beautiful tones and passionate emotions.

What events bring people together?

Events that bring people together are usually happy or sad. If a person is celebrating something (a birthday, a wedding, a baptism) these are joyous events that bring people together. If a person has lost a close relative or friend to death, this type of sad event can also bring people together. When I say bring, I mean unite to either celebrate, comfort or support.

How did 70s music bring people together?

The most important way? There was nothing else. There was no cable; there was no mtv; there were no VCRs; obviously, there was no internet. People went out to meet other people and have fun. It was a much more intimate world. The music, the places and the people reflected that.

Sports bring people together?


Why event bring people together?

because when one of people is sick so every person thinks himself/herself how can help him or her this is meaning of event bring people together.

What is trio in music?

A Trio in music is when three people play music all together

How did the world war 2 bring people together?

it brought them together of their beliefs

Why do people have Sunday dinners?

To bring their family together and enjoy the time they have together.

What kind of music do people listen to when they are happy?

Bring me the horizon!

How does the internet bring people together?

It brings people together because you can communicate with others and make friends.

How did the Nile bring the Egyptian people together?


How do celebrations bring people together?

*Family Reunion

What is a sentence for unify?

to bring people or things together.

What are the outcomes of carnival?

it helps to bring different comunities together for a fun day of music and entertainment

Did the titanic bring people together in any way?

I believe the Titanic did bring people together because people had to work together to be able to survive. This means that quite probably, strangers were helping strangers so that both could survive.

How did music and others kinds of entertaining bring Americans together?

music came from different cultures/religions & other people wanted to see what it was about. their music was mostly about their lives & what it was like, and other people listened to it which made them curious and meet new people. other people started to meet eachother and that's how i think it changed america... lol okay.

What type of music is played in Antarctica?

Generally, people play whatever music they bring with them, and share with their mates.

How did the crusades bring people together?

Because they were so good