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Yes, that's why it is a very important component of Video Games, they can make you feel sad, happy, glad, angry, scared, etc, just like any other type of music.

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Q: Does music effect you when you play video games?
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What to do when your mum keeps you in?

You could read, sleep, watch television, play games, listen to music, or play video games.

What do Chinese people like to do in China?

many people like to play games or video games, fly kites, listen to music and play outside.

What do nineteen year old boys like to do?

My guess is play video games and listen to music

What does the iPod Nano play?

video, music, image slideshows, radio, games ( older generations )

Can an iPod nano do more than music radio and video cameras?

you can also play games

Music Video Games?

Music video games are fun for the whole family! They are available for almost any video game system. There are video games where you can dance to a variety of music from Broadway hits to Michael Jackson's number one singles. There are video games and accessories where you can pretend to be a member of your favorite band jamming on the drums, keyboard or guitar. There are also video games where you can sing your heart out in karaoke fashion. These games are usually suitable for either single player or group play. They are fun for adults and children alike.

What do you do when your board and cant play video games?

There is a life without video games. you could: play board games go for a walk ride your bike play football or sport go to a skateboarding park/BMX go to the park draw trace copy stuff listen to music play with a deck of cards watch TV Life is easy without video games

Does age effect how people play video games?

Age has numerous factors toward brain attention, maturity, learning and memory no specific one age can determine the overall skill or performance of someone's ability to play a game, so NO age does not have a direct effect on how people play video games.

Do you like to play video games?

Yes. Some people believe that video games are stupid but, I guarantee you that if you play enough games, you will find something you like. Saying you hate video games is like saying that you hate music or movies, you may hate a kind of type but, no one hates them all.

What is the percentage of kids who play video games in Noosa?

70% play video games

Can you get music from video games legally?

If you are a youtuber like me and play games i recommend not doing this i would buy the soundtrack or get a strike on youtube

What did the Tea Party have an effect on the American Revolution?

It made people want to play violent video games.

Can you play music and play games on the ps3?

can you play games and music on the PS3 with out pulling plugs

Why do girls play video games?

Girls play video games because they can. No one has the right to say they cannot play them. Girls can do whatever they want: play video games, become video game programmers, or whatever. : )

Does Miley play video games?

Sure ... when she has time ... even adults play video games.

Do Irish people play video games?

Im Irish. I play video games. Simple as that.

How old are people who play video games?

There are all ages everyone play video games.

What happens when kids play violent video games?

It depends on the child. Some children can play violent video games and, over time, become affected by it displaying violent behaviors. Violent video games might have no effect on children as well. It depends on the child and what kind of parents the child have.

How are video games good to play?

video games like gta are bad to play because they are corrupted but puzzle games are good to play

What can your iPod do?

It depends on what it is. If its a video then it will play video's, movie's, play games, watch tv shows, listen to music. You can also put pictures on it to.

What should I get my brother for his tenth birthday?

something your brother enjoys to do or likes, for example: if he likes to play video games, then a video games he wants or dosent have. if he likes to play the piano, the a book on music notes. things like this etc...

What to do on an airplane for six hours?

read, listen to music, watch movie, play video games and get some sleep.

Can you play video games in LG 3D TV with the 3D effect?

There aren't a lot of video games designed specifically for 3D. More 3D games will be released as 3D televisions become more popular.

Can the change in music effect the way people play video games?

yes, it can because people are more likely to go to the last boss over and over if it has a real cool battle theme. I did that with Lance, the Champion

Play video games better with or without sound?

I usually play my new Video Games with sound, but once I get use to it I get really annoyed with it. So then I just turn off the sound. So it depends if it is a good game with good music.