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Does my husband have to assume parental rights for my child in order for the father of my child to terminate his parental rights in Alabama?


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No. The biological father can give up his rights and if your husband then want to be more than a step parent, who have no rights to the child, can adopt your child. Or not, that is your choice as the parent.

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Maybe, if you can demonstrate your ability and willingness to assume parental responsibility.

The father can petition the court to terminate parental rights and if he can provide compelling reason why such a petition should be granted, yes it could happen. However termination of parental rights does not terminate child support obligations, only your right to visit your child or have any decision making input in their lives. Child support generally can only be terminated if the child is placed for a legal adoption with an adult willing and able to assume financial responsibility for them.

No, unless the baby's biological father relenquishes his parental rights, he would get custody of the child if the mother dies, not her husband. The biological father must sign his rights away to the mother's husband.

You cannot voluntarily relinquish parental rights under Pennsylvania law unless the child is being adopted. The courts may involuntarily terminate parental rights under specific (and dire) circumstances. Many people are operating under the false assumption that signing over their rights absolves them of child support responsibilities when often, it does not....not unless the child is legally adopted by another adult willing and able to assume financial responsibility for the child.

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If you're in the US, then no. Termination of parental rights (which is a different thing than custodial rights) has to be approved by a judge, and generally speaking, unless it is for the purpose of adoption (where someone else is willing to assume those parental responsibilities), it is not approved.

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Yes, she can surrender her parental rights to another person willing to assume responsibility for the children, or to the state. Often in the case of a child being abandoned, it is assumed that the parents have given up their parentla rights.

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Generally speaking, once parental rights (which is a different thing than custodial rights) are terminated a person is no longer responsible for child support. However, you cannot just "sign over" your parental rights. Parental rights can only be terminated by a judge, and unless it's a case of adoption (where someone else is willing to assume your parental responsibilities), the judge generally says "no, I won't allow it"

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The terminology might be different in your state as opposed to here in New Jersey but this might, repeat, might answer your question. You must look into the laws of the state of probate and of your own if they are not one and the same. In New Jersey a decedent may appoint a "testamentary guardian", who would obviously assume the usual parental rights over the minor. The catch is that no such appointment is effective if the other parent is alive unless the surviving parent consents in writing to the appointed testamentary guardian taking over. It might be the same regarding the "parental rights" you mention. I cannot imagine any state allowing one parent to deprive the other of parental rights, merely by saying so in the will.

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