Does narcissist feel remorse?


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They don't care. I'd say more, but it would take away from the main point: they don't care. Want me to say it again? They do not care. "Why would I apologize about something? If I was going to be sorry, I wouldn't have done it in the first place." OKAAAAY you ginormous narcissist. So beyond being a normal human, aren't you? Go be awesome somewhere else.

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In theory, it's possible for a narcissist to feel sorry. A diagnosis for NPD doesn't really require a lack of empathy and a god complex isn't even one of the criteria. Unfortunately, I've never seen any reports of a narcissist feeling genuine remorse. This could simply be because we don't think of anybody who can genuinely feel remorse as a potential narcissist.

It is when you feel remorse

No. A narcissist cannot change. Narcissism is an untreatable personality disorder. It is unrealistic to believe a narcissist can change any behavior. In the world of the narcissist, he or she is center, remorseless, and sees no reason to change. He may manipulate his chosen one into believing he will change as manipulation and omnipotence are core to his insatiable need to control and keep his partner. Losing is not an option for the narcissist. Because of his inability to feel remorse, the narcissist acts out normal responses based purely on observation of others. He may say he will stop drinking to keep the relationship of abuse and chaos intact. Indeed, he cannot perceive a reason not to do exactly as he chooses to do. The narcissist lacks the ability to be accountable to any person or promise. He has no sense of remorse, no need or feelings for others exept to objectify

They are born that way. A narcissist is just a milder form of a psychopath, they can feel shame and guilt but that is all. You will know when you have been around a narcissist because you will feel used abused and robbed. Read all you can on this horrific disorder.

Narcissists don't feel anything. Get away from them.

No. I don't know.....what does remorse mean? I'll look it up....*looks it up* No. No they arn't....I think...

If you want to punish one, just ignore him. They hate to be ignored!!Answeryou be nice to them and praise them then get them to do what you want. Bust them in every lie, which basically means every thing they say to you, not being brash, but I have been with a narcissist for 10 years. There is no dominating a narcissist. You will have sex with one of their friends, to get back at them. They will have sex with your brother, or sister. There is no feelings of remorse, from them. If you are not doing exactly what they need, then they don't need you, or will make you feel like crap.

Because he can. OR - Simply because he feels like it. Narcissists are pathological. They have no remorse, no feelings, no empathy and NO BOUNDARIES.

To feel remorse is to feel sorry for something you have done or to have regrets. The term "buyer's remorse" indicates that a purchaser regrets buying something, either because it was not what he thought it was, or because he experienced major problems with it. The term is often used in heavy-handed advertisements, as well as in consumer awareness.

The biggest difference between a narcissist and someone who's simply selfish and immature is a feeling of empathy and remorse. Pointing out to someone who's just immature that they're being selfish often causes them to feel bad about hurting others, while narcissists don't get that same reaction, and if they do feel bad, they feel bad that their actions have reflected negatively on their image.

A seven letter word for feeling gulity is remorse. In a sentence it would be "I feel so much remorse for waht I did to you.

Good is always better. If you do good things, you ought to feel good. If you do bad, you feel remorse.

Many feel no remorse. They just think of the wood they can sell and what they can do with the deforested land.

It's certainly possible. A narcissist may date another narcissist that is more selfish than they are to feel better about themselves. In turn say "i'm not as selfish as he/she is so that makes me above him/her). It's incredible and shocking the way people with this disorder think. It takes a lot of research to understand a narcissist.

NO because they have no real emotions. They literally can't feel. They can act like they feel but they don't.

NO. he wanted fortunato dead for insulting him.

NO. They may say it but they can't feel so they don't mean it.

They could.... or they couldn't. It depends on the person and it cannot be answered specifically.

Feel remorse, regret, question your self worth.

Sociopaths do have feelings like normal people. However, they don't feel empathy or remorse and have a lack of inhibition.

Repentance, regret, and guilt are synonyms for the word remorse."Have you no remorse for what you did?"

Absolutely nothing. Their brains are not capable of guilt or remorse.

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