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Does nickel tarnish?


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Yes not like siver but yes it turns darker


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Brass will tarnish more than nickel does. In order to prevent this, make sure you polish and clean your brass belongings.

It can tarnish, but rust is specific to iron and steel.

The pottery Barn Nickel Bath Accessories are made of a special material to protect from the humidity of the the bathroom. Therefore the product will not tarnish over time.

The US Mint did not issue a bronze nickel in 1983. Nickels can sometimes tarnish different colors depending upon the environment they are in.

Canadian nickels minted that year are made of pure nickel, which doesn't rust (rust is oxidation of iron/steel). However, use and exposure can cause it to tarnish.

Damp conditions tarnish copper and bronze pennies quickly. Bleach can also tarnish them.

No, gold does not tarnish.

Copper, silver, and brass tarnish.

The word "tarnish" in the sentence "the silver will tarnish if it is not polished often" is a verb. It is describing the action of the silver in the sentence.

yes it can tarnish very well if not protected

Tarnish is oxidation caused by exposure to air.

Another word for tarnish is destroy.

No gold does not tarnish. however, it is quite soft.

why silver jewellery tarnish with lime?

yes because it is a metlollied and all metloilleds tarnish

Tarnish. Rust is for iron and its alloys alone.

Gold and platinum will not tarnish on a ring.

Brass has to be cleaned and polished because it can easily tarnish. The blackmailer threatened to tarnish the reputation of the candidate's wife.

Although there are some US coins which commercial interests have gold plated to sell for one reason or another, what you have is more likely a nickel which has been in an environment which promoted the tarnishing process of the copper- nickel alloy of the coin. Depending upon which chemical or chemicals the coin is exposed to, the coin can tarnish to dark and undesirable shades of brown or black or it can tarnish to beautiful and eye appealing hues of color. Some collect this latter coin and pay a premium price especially for those containing silver.

Real gold does not tarnish, however gold plate does.

gold won't tarnish =] silver will hope this helps =]

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