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And estrogen levels increase when a man has a high amt of body fat, which can contribute to infertility.

Yes, testosterone levels are lower in the obese.

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Q: Does obesity affect testosterone levels
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Does minoxidil affect testosterone levels?


Do opiates affect testosterone levels?


Does alcohol affect testosterone levels?

Alcohol decreases testosterone levels by affecting hormone regulation between the brain and gonads.

Does Oxycontin withdrawals affect testosterone levels?

Yes. The tetosterone levels decrease

Does cannabis use effect testosterone levels?

It does NOT directly effect your testosterone levels. It may affect your sex drive in one way or the other but if it is just marijuana with no additives itwill not

Would progesterone lower testosterone levels?

AS progesterone is for ladies and testosterone lare for men , so it should not affect each other.

Does mastrabution lower testosterone levels?

No. This is a myth. Masturbation does not lower your testosterone levels.

Does prostate massage raise testosterone levels?

yes massage prostateraise testosterone levels

Does protein have high levels of testosterone?

No, but testosterone is a protein.

How does tobacco affect testosterone levels in men?

Smoking appears to increase testosterone levels : "Smoking men had 15% higher total and 13% higher free testosterone levels compared with men who never smoked. Thus, smoking seems to be an important confounding factor when evaluating testosterone levels, and could possibly mask borderline hypogonadism."

You have heard that lowered testosterone levels can lead to depression and Low testosterone connects to lost testicular function Therefore would sexual abstinence affect someones depression you hope n?

abstinence has no effect on testosterone

Causes of low testosterone?

Testosterone levels decline as men age. For more information checkout this website ********************************************** The normal value for total testosterone in males is 270-1070 ng/dl. Causes: 1. Obesity 2. Bad life style 3. Restless

When are natural testosterone levels highest during the day?

When the sun rises and sets are when testosterone levels peak.

Are there medications for low sperm count?

If lab tests showed unusually low FREE testosterone levels (below 10), testosterone products may be useful in elevating sperm counts. I would also look at other medications the person is taking and medical conditions /lifestyle factors of the person, as smoking and obesity may affect sperm count.

Does testosterone affect hair on legs?

Do you mean high levels of testosterone? My legs are hairy, and also my chest, what I know is that some people say that higher than normal levels of testosterone can affect hair on their heads, but I don't think that can happen to hair on legs. If you want more hair gowing on your legs, shave them regularly and you'll see how hair grows stronger and thicker.

What are testosterone levels?

The amount of testosterone in the body. Males have a higher testosterone level than females

How does obesity affect adolescents?

Obesity can deeply affect the self esteem of adolescents.

Does your testosterone levels drop if you have one testicle?

No testosterone is coming from the prostate not from the testicles.

Does Lexapro decrease testosterone levels?


Does male infertility affect testosterone levels?

Actually, low testosterone can cause male infertility. Low testosterone can lead to erectile dysfunction, low male libido and possible low sperm count. Your doctor can give you more specific information on this subject.

How do you find male testosterone?

you have to have a blood test taken to find the testosterone levels in the body

How can you use puberty and testosterone in a sentence?

When boys hit puberty, their testosterone levels rise.

When being treated for low testosterone levels via testosterone injections is there any exposure of testosterone upon skin contact by others?


What are normal testosterone levels in males?


How can you raise your testosterone levels?

Physical exercise.

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