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no oildoes NOT pollute the air.

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How does oil pollute the air?

The oil will be burned by the car to move. then in emmits CO2. The gas comes out with a leftover oil that is left is in a dust form. The dust will pollute the air.

How do you pollute the air?

you can pollute the air by :Smokingburning gas

Does biomass energy pollute the air?

Biomass does not pollute the air.

What are two things that pollute the air?

Cars and gas pollute the air.

How can a gas station pollute the environment?

Answer: Gas stations can pollute the environment in several ways: * Fuel lost from storage tanks can pollute soil and groudwater * Waste oil from storage tanks can pollute the soil and groundwater * Hydrocarbon fumes from vehicle fuelling can contaminate the air * Spills from fuelling can contaminate the soil and groundwater and run off into the sewers * Vapors from storage tank filling can pollute the air * Exhaust from idling cars can pollute the air * Drips of oil and antifreeze can run off into sewers * Acids and antifreeze from spilled batteries or sales areas can pollute the soil

What are 2 things that can pollute water?

Oil from oil spills can pollute water. When we shower, the ingredients in the shampoo pollute the water as well.

Does burning oil pollute the air?

Yes, burning anything releases carbon dioxide into the air, and makes it less breathable.

Why is it bad to pollute the air?

WE BREATHE the air. If we pollute it, we need air, so we breathe it in and get sick.

Do heaters pollute the air?

Yes. Technically, all air conditioners, fans, and heaters will pollute the air.

How do people effect the planet?

By polluting and Cars ( Petrol ) Littering and Oil towers wich pollute the air !?

How does the air get polluted?

The air gets polluted by us as simple as that we drive our cars with pollute our air we open factories that pollute our air.

Do electric cars pollute?

No. The electric cars don't pollute air, because noxious gas doesn't get out of the tupe and in such way doesn't pollute air.

Advantages of geothermal power stations?

costs less than gas or oil. doesnt pollute the air and its naturall

What is the plural of pollute?

The plural of pollute is pollutes. As in "the factory pollutes the air".

Does recycling pollute the air?


Does marijuana pollute the air?


Does helium pollute the air?


Does sweat pollute the air?


How do synthetic fibers pollute air?

synthetic fiber can pollute air when it is burnt and being a petroleum product it can produce toxic gases in the air

Do hot air balloons pollute the air?

yes they do

Does Diesel pollute?

Of course, diesel can pollute the air, land and water. It's a fossil fuel and it can pollute a great deal.

Does electricity pollute air?

No; at least I think it doesn't. Gas pollutants are more likely to pollute the air than electricity.

Does nitrogen pollute the air?

Yes, nitrogen can pollute the air, especially if there is too much nitrogen. It is called nutrient pollution.

How do humans pollute the air?

Humans can pollute the air in many ways, one of these ways is by saying mama. Another way in which humans pollute the air is by singing mama song. Believe it or not cows are also polluting the air by go close to your mama

What chemical compound pollute the air?

Many chemicals now pollute our air the most well known being CO2 (carbon dioxide). Other chemicals such as methane pollute the air and contribute to climate change as well.

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