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I can not say for SURE but... I have eaten twice at the Olive Garden in MA and both times I came home with a headache and an overwhelming feeling of anxiousnous. So bad I could not sleep. I am familiar with this feeling when I eat Chinese food. I had the garlic bread sticks + salad + chicken + pasta and once I had the gonochi soup. I searched their website and there is nothing about MSG but a Google search of "olive garden msg" returns several pages about people like me complaining that they too get MSG like reactions after eating there.

******* Ive emailed the company before about this and got a reply... they don't use msg but a very similar artificial flavor enhancer, in the same family as msg, in all their foods!! (i dont remember the name) Go to Macaroni Grill :)

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Q: Does olive garden's food have M S G in it?
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