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No lemon juice has way more acid.

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Q: Does orange juice has less acid than lemon juice?
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Which juices have less acid than lemon juice?

orange juice is one of them

Why does lemon juice make things less slippery?

lemon juice is an acid.

What is the acid level of vinegar?

the acid level of lemon juice is less then that of coke or lemon juice. Its pH level is 3, while coke is 2.5 and lemon juice is 2.

Can you substitute lemon juice for orange juice?

Lemon juice is much more acidic than orange juice, and contains less natural sugars and less water. If you substitute fresh squeezed lemon juice for orange juice, the result will taste less sweet and much more sour. It's also a real pain to squeeze more than 1/2 c of lemon juice quickly. So, if the recipe calls for 1 c of orange juice, consider mixing up a weak batch of lemonade (equal parts lemon juice and sugar, plus four times more water than lemon juice.) Alternatively, substituting lemonade from concentrate or out of a container will work just fine. DO NOT substitute lemonade made from powdered drink mixes for orange juice.

What is pH of salsa compared to lemon juice?

Salsa is less acid than lemon, so pH is higher.

Why does lemon juice have a pH less than 7?

Lemon juice has a pH less than 7 because lemon juice is slightly acidic. It contains citric acid, which is acidic, and all acids have a pH value below 7.

What liquids have a pH similar to the stomach acid?

Lemon juice, although it is slightly less acidic.

Does lemon juice have the same pH level of stomach acid?

More or less, Lemon Juice has a pH of around 2, stomach acids are around 1-2

How do you get concentrated lemon juice from lemon?

There is a lot of excess water in juice from lemons. The juice has some of its water removed by various methods, so that you can add more lemon flavor using less liquid. Similar processes are used with orange juice to thicken it before it is frozen to keep it fresh.

Does cranberry juice have less sugar than orange juice?

Yes cranberry juice does have less sugar than orange

Does lemon juice from concentrate have vitamin c?

Lemon juice from concentrate does contain vitamin C, although considerably less than fresh lemon juice.

Which is more acidic lemon or orange?

lemon and orange are not more or less than each other.

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