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Unless non-organic food contains preservatives, organic food should last as long as non-organic.

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Q: Does organic food not last as long as non organic food?
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Does organic food last long as non organic?

If the food is fresh produce, there is little difference, if any, to how long organic and non-organic food will last. If it is processed food, additives and preservatives in non-organic foods will make them last longer than organic foods. So, the answer is processed non-organic foods are likely to last longer than organic processed foods because of preservatives added to the non-organic foods.

Does organic fruit last longer than non-organic fruit?

No, organic food does not last longer. Non organic fruit lasts longer because the food has chemicals in it to keep it good longer.

Does organic fruit last longer than non organic fruit?

There should be little difference in how long organic and non-organic fruits last unless the non-organic fruits have been treated with preservatives.

Which foods mold the fastest organic or non organic?

Organic foods mold faster, since non-organic foods are processed with artificial preservatives to make the food last longer.

Why you have non organic food in the supermarkets?

Supermarkets have non-organic food because people buy it and most of the food grown is non-organic.

Why is organic food bad for you?

Organic food is not bad for you. Only non organic food is because non organic is produced with harmful chemicals.

Will non organic tomatoes last longer than organic tomatoes?

No. The original health of the plant and the health of it's fruit determines how long the produce will last. Neither organic nor non-organic tomatoes can escape the decay process. Much of our food now travels a long way before we select it in our local stores. So when you buy the tomatoes you don't know how long it has been since it was picked. You can get a longer life of organic or non-organic tomatoes if you buy 'tomatoes on the vine'. The vine helps to keep the tomatoes alive longer. This will work with both types organic and non-organic.

Why is organic food better than non-organic?

Organic food is better than non-organic because it contains more nutrients.

Can organic food mold faster than non organic food?

yes because organic good generally has more water in it than non- organic food

What is a comparison between organic food and non organic food in structure and taste and which one is expensive?

Most of the time, organic and non organic food will have the same structure and teste. The organic food will be more expensive.

Is organic food bad for us?

No. Organic food is just as good for us and non-organic food.

How long do chopped peppers last for?

It depends on if they are organic or not. Non-organic peppers will last longer. Up to 2 weeks should be okay. Organic peppers should last 5 to 7 days.

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