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overdrive chooses the most fuel efficent gear but the savings will only be noticed on the highway. try not to use o/d when towing though, even on the highway. it's hard on the trans. YES!! Seriously? Just to add to the first two answers... Overdrive will kick in once the truck reaches approx. 55 mph. It shifts the transmission into a higher gear, which provides a higher output rotation at the wheels than the lower gears at the same input rotation/power. This translates into less work, and therefore less fuel consumption, to maintain the same speed. When the PCM determines that the truck needs more power rather than speed, it will downshift as needed. If you are towing, it will have to downshift more often, making for less fuel efficient operation. If you have a tachometer, glance at it as your transmission is shifting and try to track your RPMs as well as your speed. You will see that the RPMs actually drop when OD kicks in. The lower the RPM and the higher the speed, the more efficient the fuel consumption.

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2006-04-24 18:09:33
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Q: Does overdrive save gas on a 1990 Ford F-150?
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