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Yes, it burns very quickly. You get water and heat from the reaction.

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What is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen?

A mixture of hydrogen and oxygen would be a highly flammable gaseous mixture. If ignited, the mixture would burn, explode, and form water vapor. Water is not a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen but a compound.

Does hydrogen explode to form water?

It depends on the circumstances. Hydrogen will burn in air, to be sure. It will make a pop sound producing a blue flame and forming water when ignited in a test tube. But in the case of the Hindenburg, it just burned with extreme rapidity. Hydrogen mixed with air or oxygen is explosive, but will not explode in "bulk" form.

What is oxygen gas and hydrogen gas?

They are both diatomic gases. Hydrogen will explode in oxygen to produce water.

How did the Hindenburg explode?

The Hindenburg was filled with the element Hydrogen, which is extremely flammable. A spark ignited the hydrogen, which caused the skin of the zeppelin to burn furiously. The hydrogen fueled the inferno.

What explodes with oxygen and ignited?

A contact with hydrogen or organic compounds at a high temperature.

What are some chemical properties of hydrogen gas?

Hydrogen burns with flames when ignited in contact with oxygen, fluorine and chlorine.

What happens when you ignite a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas?

H2 + O2 (normal diatomic state of hydrogen and oxygen) when burned (ignited) will for H2O(water)

Why does hydrogen explode when pottasium reacts with water?

The mixture of oxygen and hydrogen at high temperature (a reaction occur) is very explosive.

Why do carrots explode in the microwave?

the mixture of oxygen and hydrogen combines with heat and makes the carrot explode

Does oxygen explode with hydrogen?

Yes. A mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is highly explosive. Igniting this mixture will form water vapor.

Does 2 to 1 ratio of hydrogen and oxygen explodes?

No it dosent explode Hydrogen 2 Oxygen ( aka H2O ) is water lol

If you have a container with hydrogen gas and oxygen gas what do you have?

You have a mixture that can be easily ignited to form water vapor.

What makes oxygen explode?

A contact with hydrogen or organic compounds at a high temperature.

What caused the nuclear reactors to explode?

The nuclear reactors did not explode. The problem was that the cooling system failed, and they overheated. Some water got so hot that it split into hydrogen and oxygen, and the hydrogen burned in the oxygen, which cause it to "pop"

Did the explosion of the Hindenburg lead to the creation of the hydrogen bomb?

no!!!!!the Hindenburg did not explode. its aluminum painted skin caught fire from an electrostatic discharge. that fire ignited ordinary chemical hydrogen/oxygen fires as the lift gas bladders breached.no nuclear fusion was involved. not even a chemical explosion occurred.

Can natural gas explode?

yes if in a cylinder and ignited

What causes oxygen machines to explode?

A contact with hydrogen or organic compounds at a high temperature.

How do you explode hydrogen without ignition?

Hydrogen can be made to explode in two different ways. The most usual way would be by combustion with oxygen, but that requires ignition. However, if you have liquid hydrogen you could make it explode by heating it, even in the absence of oxygen, in exactly the same way that water in a sealed container will explode if you heat it to the boiling point. Liquid hydrogen, of course, has a much lower boiling point than water does, and therefore would require less heating to make it explode. If it is not kept cooled, it will explode even at room temperature.

A burning matchstick is brought in contact with hydrogen gas?

In PURE (100%) hydrogen the flame will extinguish, BUT with a tiny bit of oxygen it will EXPLODE!

2h2o 2h2 plus o2?

Water can be broken down to oxygen and hydrogen and hydrogen can be ignited in oxygen to form water. 2H2O --> 2H2 + O2 (takes energy) 2H2 + O2 --> 2H2O (releases energy)

If water consists of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen why does it not explode?

The simple answer is because it is already burned up. The hydrogen and oxygen in water does not burn nor explode for the same reasons that "ashes" which are made of fuel and oxygen does not burn, it is already all burned up. ( or completely oxidized)

What would cause an oxygen tank to explode?

A contact with hydrogen or organic compounds at a high temperature.

How is it possible then for water which is composed of hydrogen and oxygen to put out fires?

The bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen is too strong to be destroyed by combustion. Add: The chemical properties of water are different from the properties of hydrogen and water separately. Therefore, water does not support combustion as oxygen does, and water does not explode as hydrogen does.

Why when you explode a balloon full of hydrogen with a balloon full of oxygen do small droplets of liquid form?

because the hydrogen and oxygen react together creating water(the small droplets of liquid)

Can hydrogen gas relight a flame?

No. Oxygen gas relights flames. Hydrogen gas will explode in the presence of fire, giving a 'squeaky pop'

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