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Oxygen is on period 2 whereas sulfur is on period 3. Therefore, sulfur has more electron shells than oxygen.

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Does sulfur have more electron shells than oxygen?

Yes sulfur does have more electron shells than oxygen.

Which have more electron shells oxygen or sulfur?


Which has more electrons shells oxygen or sulfur?

which has more electrons oxygen or sulfur?

Why is sulfur larger than oxygen?

Sulfur is larger than oxygen because it has more protons in its nucleus and more electrons in the orbital shells.

Which two elements in the periodic table are more alike oxygen O and sulfur S OR sulfur S and chlorine Cl?

Oxygen and sulfur are more alike. They are present in group-16 and have 6 valence electron.

Is oxygen has more electron affinity than sulfur?

Yes. Oxygen has greater electron affinity than any other element except fluorine.

The addition of electron shells results in?

The addition of electron shells results in more shielding of electrons from the nucleus.

What is the difference between the arrangement of electrons in sulfur and chlorine?

Chlorine has one more electron then sulfur, so it has 1 more electron in the outer shell, 1 more valence electron. Chlorine has 5 electrons in the outermost shell and sulfur has 4.

How many electron shells an electron can have?

An electron does not have "electron shells" at all; these are characteristic of atoms, not electrons. No electron can occupy more than one shell of an atom unless the atom is excited.

Which nonmetal is more reactive oxygen or sulfur?

Oxygen. Oxygen is a gas making it react faster, while sulfur is a solid.

What is characteristic about the outer electron shells of the halogens?

The outer electron shells of the halogens contain seven electrons, and need one more electron to have eight and become stable.

Are chemical properties of oxygen more similar to sulfur or fluorine?

it is sulfur

Is sulfur more electronegative than oxygen?

Oxygen is more electronegative than sulfur. Electronegativity moves up and to the right with respect to electronegativity.

A picometer pm is equal to 1 multiplied by 10 to the negative 12 power m. OH bond lengths in water are 95.8 pm while S-H bond lengths in dihydrogen sulfide are 135 pm. Why are S-H bond lengths longer?

Sulfur is greater than oxygen because the atomic number of sulfur is 16 and oxygen is 8 so sulfur has a greater atomic radius than oxygen. Sulfur has three electron layers but oxygen only has two electron layers. One electron layer expands the atomic radius a lot and causes the last electron to stick closer to the nucleus. Another important reason for this is tha oxygen atom is more electronegative than sulfur that is it attracts more the boding electrons so the bond length in OH is longer than that in SH

Is oxygen more electronegative than sulfur?

Yes, oxygen is more electronegative than sulfur. This is because its electronegativity is about 3.44, while sulfur's is about 2.58.

Why oxygen is more reactive than sulfur?

Oxygen has a higher electronegativity than Sulphur Oxygen is more electronegative

Region around nucleus where electrons are located?

electron cloud or if you want to be more specific, then electron shells

What element has a bigger electronegative sulfur or oxygen?

Oxygen is more electronegative. Oxygen is above sulfur on the Periodic Table. As you go up on the table electronegativity increases. The only thing more electronegative than oxygen is fluorine.

What makes an atom become more stable?

When its electron shells are full

Is oxygen more reactive than sulfur?


Does an electron in the third shell have more energy than an electron in the second shell?

electrons in the outer shell have more energy than those of the inner shells. But electrons in inner shells are closer to the nucleus.

What does the Rows on the periodic table of elements tell you?

Rows (Periods) on the Periodic Table tell you how many electron shells are in an atom of that elemnt. The further down you go in the Periodic Table, the more electron shells there are. It goes in an ascending order, the first period of elements have 1 electron shell, the second period 2 electron shells, the third 3 shells and so on.

Atoms with many electron shells will let go of their electrons more easily than those with fewer shells?


What is sulfur mixed with oxygen?

Sulfur Dioxide, or SO2 and also sulfur trioxide SO3. See related link for more information.

Why is oxygen more electro-magnetic than hydrogen?

Oxgen has more electromotive magnetic than hydrogen because elements always wants to fill up their electron shells. This is used in science.