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Yes, paper is mostly cellulose, which is a compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

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paper is generally made from carbohydrates, and hence contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Water does not contain Carbon.

No, The plastic do not contain carbon.

No. Fats contain carbon.

There is no food that does not contain carbon.

Carbon paper is opaque

yes, peat does contain carbon

Compounds that contain no carbon are inorganic.

Just about all of the compounds found in living things contain carbon. All fossil fuels and biofuels contain carbon. Plastic, polyester, and vinyl contain carbon.

no, calcium does not contain carbon, making it inorganic

The molecules making up the paper and the oxygen of the air contain chemical energy in their bonds. When the paper burns carbon dioxide and water are formed. These contain much less chemical energy, so the difference is lost to the surroundings as heat and light.

Fats contain carbon atoms, but they're not "a carbon".

plastics do contain carbon. they are organic polymers and usually contain other substances.

It does not contain carbon monoxide, but it will likely produce carbon monoxide when burned.

hectograph paper is thin and carbon paper is thick

it contains carbon and hydogen.inorganic compounds do not contain carbon.

Yes. All living things contain carbon.

Yes, carbohydrates contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

all organic compounds contain carbon

Plastic contain carbon because they are chain of polymers

Organic compounds contain carbon.

Trees do contain carbon. Trees take in carbon and convert it to carbon dioxide which is then released into the air as oxygen.

Yes, carbohydrates by definition contain carbon. Sugars, starches, and fibre are all organic compounds that contain carbon.

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