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Your period may start within 5 days after going off the pill or it may come when it is due.

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Q: Does period come straight away after stopping pill even if not due?
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Is you period the same after stopping the pill?

After stopping the pill, your next period will come in 4-6 weeks, and will soon return to its previous pattern, as it was before you were on the pill.

What does period come when stopping birth control mid pack?

three days after your last pill

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How can a period be stopped for a wedding less than two weeks away?

You can get hormone tablets from the doctor which will stop a period for a wedding or holiday. You will need the same checks you would have if using oral contraceptive but they are not birth control pills and your period will come normally within a few hours of stopping them.

Can you period come quickly after stopping the pill?

Yes, some women will have withdrawal bleeding the day after the stop the pill.

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Can you stop your period once its started?

No once a girl starts her period it will come and go on it's own. Feminine products can help too control it bye stopping spotting.

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Period pains but not any blood?

you can get period pains before your period starts answer yeah I know that I posted this question I got period pains but no blood. When I usually get period pains I come on straight away it been a week now since that has happened. It came as a shock I thought I was really coming on. My period pains are really painful as well and the pains were just like them but I didn't get my period. I couldn't move I couldn't cry cause I was in pain.

After stopping Depo-Provera and not having received your period do you have to wait for your period to come to start taking the contraceptive pill?

yes i went to the doctor to get my shot for depo provera, i had been on it for more than a year and they gave me birth control pills right away. I decided i wanted to be on the pill because of weight gain and they started me on it without waiting for my period. i have been on the pill now for 8 months and i still have not gotten my period

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