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Does pet urine turn hard wood floors green and if so how do you clean it out of wood?

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βˆ™ 2010-02-15 10:54:41

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yes, clean it right away

2010-02-15 10:54:41
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Q: Does pet urine turn hard wood floors green and if so how do you clean it out of wood?
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How do you get severe pet urine out of hard wood floors?

There is no way to get severe pet urine out of hard wood floors. You have to replace the floor.

Do upright vaccuums clean as well as cannisters?

Upright Vaccuums clean better on carpetted floors and Cannisters work better on hard wood and tiled floors. Upright vaccuums don't work good on hardwood floors, but cannisters are excellent on hardwood floors.

How do you clean your concrete floor?

the best way to clean you concrete floors is with hot and soapy water and lots of hard work

How do you clean furniture in your home?

You can clean most of the furniture in your home by using cleaning products like windex or pledge. If you want to clean the floors, for carpet a vacuum, for hard wood a swiffer.

How do you sneak clean urine in a drug test?

That's hard to do and very illegal. You're on your own.

Are NBA basketball courts made out of wax?

No, they are usually hard wood. They use wax to condition and clean the wood floors.

Cleaning hard wood floors?

Try vinegar to clean hard wood floors. Vinegar has this substance that can remove stains, bacteria, and most especially bad odor. At first, you will smell the vinegar in the floor. But after an hour, all odor will be removed.

Can leopard gecko go on carbored?

Cardboard probably can't be used for the bottom of their tank because you need to keep it clean from their droppings and urine which is kinda wet sometimes (their urine is hard) and then the cardboard won't be clean and will smell bad.

What floor scrubber works best on hard wood floors?

Hoover has a hardwood buffer that is incredibly effective but can be expensive. Another way to clean your floors very well is to steam it, if you choose this there are lots of options for steamers.

How do you remove glue from hard wood floors?

Depends on the type of glue. If it dries hard, it can probably be popped loose. If it is tacky, it depends on how old the floor is. New laminate you should be able to use a solvent to clean it. Older floors that have not been striped and varnished are coated with Shellac which dissolves with alcohol. Clean off the glue and refinish with more shellac.

Can you pass a urine test if you smoked 3 days before the test?

It's really hard you have to drink so much water for a urine test to be clean but if it were a blood test no

How do you use vinegar to clean hard wood floors?

Good question. We always used 1/2 C pure vinegar to 1 gal water on our family floors. It dries to a dull sheen which is enhanced with Murphy's (there is no oil in it) or something similar

What does hwf mean on Craigslist?

Hard wood floors

How to Remove dog poop smells out of hard wood floor?

To remove dog fecal smells out of hardwood floors it is best to steam clean the floors with an apple cider vinegar solution of half vinegar and half water. Repeat if the smell does not leave the floor the first time.

How much does it cost to remove hard wood floors?

It depends on who you get to do the job .I did it myself and it wasnt that hard

Is green a hard color?

Yes green is a hard color

Do hardwood floors cost more than parquet floors?

Basic prefinished hard wood can be had for much less than parquet.

How many floors are on sky tower in Pokemon explorers of time?

In Sky Staircase, there are 50 floors, but Rayquaza is EXTREMELEY hard to recruit.

Which cleaning system is recommended for hardwood floors?

Oil based cleansers are great for hard wood floors. Water or too many chemicals can really mess up hard wood floors. Every once in a while you can use the steam shark it works great.

Why are house floors with carpet quieter than house floors with tile or hardwood?

Because the carpet absorbs the sound of anything against it and the hard floors just make the sound echo.

Is it hard to clean out a pet fish's filter?

yes,it is hard to clean out a pet fish's filter

How do you get wax off hard wood floors?

Nail varnish remover

How do you put in hard wood floors?

you you cut cut it it to to size size..

How do you get the film off your hard wood floors?

That depends what kind of 'film' it is.

What is the best product for cleaning hard wood floors?

Vinegar and water