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Does petsmart sell dogs?

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βˆ™ 2010-03-06 17:29:43

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Ye they do. All kinds most are mutts. Get your own 2day

2010-03-06 17:29:43
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Q: Does petsmart sell dogs?
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Where does petsmart keep the dogs?

I don't think that petsmart or petco even sells dogs. They sell rodents, reptiles, fish, and sometimes kittens.

Would I be able to buy a dog costume at Petsmart?

PetSmart does sell alarge variety of costumes for dogs. You can also find them at Target and WalMart if PetSmart does not have what you are looking for.

Does petsmart sell bunnies?

sometimes, my local petsmart does

What do you use to moisturize a dogs paws?

Vasiline, it will be messy but do the trick. there is also paw wax stuff that they sell at petsmart

Does petsmart get their puppies from puppy mills?

No. Petsmart does not keep any dogs on site that are to be adopted. All the dogs you see at Petsmart in the pins are from animal shelters or rescue groups.

Does petsmart sell pets?

Yes. They sell all kinds of pets. Dogs, cats ,fish ,birds, hamsters, mice, rats, frogs, lizards... etc.

Does petsmart sell scorpions?

No they do not

Do iguanas go to petsmart?

They sell reptiles at Petsmart? yes some can take them

Does petsmart sell rabbits?


Does petsmart sell any animals?


Does petsmart sell turtes?


Does petsmart sell turtles?

Although they do sell them it is illeal to sell them in several states

Where do dogs sleep?

On a pad that you would get from Petsmart.

How much do pregnant hamsters cost at petsmart?

petsmart doesnt sell pregnant hamsters

Does petsmart sell hamsters?

yes,but they do not sell teddy bear hamsters...

Does petsmart sell snakes?

Yes. They sell all kinds of snakes!!

Does target sell PetSmart gift cards?


Does petsmart sell mice in the winter?

yes! petsmart sells mice year-round! but at times they may be out of mice. they do sell them all time though! :)

Where can you find a Red Baron Costume for dogs?

petsmart :)

Do stores sell pet zoom?

Yes, PetSmart does sell pet zoomers

How much does a female chinchilla that doesnt grow much cost at petsmart?

I don't think they sell chinchillas at petsmart...

What are stores that sell betta fish?

petco and petsmart

Where do they sell playgrounds for hamsters?

On the internet or at Petco. or Petsmart.

Does petsmart vacinate mice before they sell them?

Yes they do.

Does Petsmart sell chipmunks?

I don't believe so.