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there are many different test out there and all results are read differently you should read the instructions that came with that tester.

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Q: Does pink on a pregnancy test mean it's positive?
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Nipples are pink is this a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is not. A pregnancy test with a positive result (signs vary on test) is a sign of pregnancy.

What appears on a quickvue pregnancy test when it is positive?

I don't know the blue line and the pink line mean? I don't know the blue line and the pink line mean?

What does positive mean on a pregnancy test?

You are pregnant

You took a pregnancy test one line was clear and the other was pink what does that mean?

one line was clear and the other was pink on a pregnancy test does that mean anything

What does plus sign mean on ept pregnancy test?

It means you have a positive pregnancy test.

What does a positive pregnancy test mean?

It means that you are pregnant.

If a pregnancy test say positive dose it mean im pregnant?

You have to urine on the pregnancy test in the morning, but chances are, if its positive its yes...

What does it mean if your pregnancy test results are instantly positive?

You are pregnant!

What does it mean if you get a plus sign on a pregnancy test?

On a pregnancy test where you get a positive or a negative sign, the positive (plus sign) indicates pregnancy, while the negative indicates non-pregnant.

What does blue mean on a pregnancy test?

It depends on what that pregnancy test uses to indicate pregnancy. Read the directions carefully to see what they use to indicate a positive or negative pregnancy test.

Is a home pregnancy test positive or negative if it came back with a second line but it looks whitish-pink?


My blood test came back as a Low positive pregnancy test does this mean that i am pregnant?


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