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Does pink spotting mean you are having a miscarriage?

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no it doesnt sound like it it is mostl likely early pregnancy bleeding, which is generally harmless, if it starts to become heavier and have clots i would be worried if you have concerns it is wise to talk to a medical proffesonal

2007-08-10 21:14:23
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Q: Does pink spotting mean you are having a miscarriage?
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Does a light pink spotting after urinating and only when you wipe mean your going to have a miscarriage?

Hello. No this doesn't mean its a miscarriage hun. Miscarriage bleeding is usually heavy, red and very painful cramping. Its most likely early pregnancy spotting or spotting due to a UTI.

What is the first thing to see when you get miscarriage?

If you notice brown, red, or pink spotting and/or abdominal or low back pain call your doctor immediately as this can be a first sign of miscarriage.

What does it mean when your spotting light pink blood?


Are you having a miscarriage if you are six weeks pregnant and you have started having red and pink spotting every few days?

Though some women have been known to have light spotting during their pregnancy and there is nothing wrong, itis still a great idea for you to see a doctor pronto because that could be a sign that you are either gonna miscarry or already have.

Is bright pink persistent spotting at 5 weeks 3 days implantation bleeding or signs of a miscarriage?

It is too late to be implantation spotting, that usually happens 6 days or so after ovulation (about 3 weeks pregnant). I wouldn't worry about it if it's only "spotting". However if you begin having cramping or the spotting gets heavier I would worry then. I hope you called your doc, just to set your mind at ease.

What does it mean if 3 days after your period you start spotting light pink discharge?

what does it mean you start to have a light pink discharge after your period

Could I be pregnant I have been having my periods but on this last one i have light pink blood when i wip and spotting what does this mean?

Yes, you might be pregnant - take a test

I think that I am 3-4 weeks pregnant unusual changes taking place but I started spotting very little pink and brown is this a miscarriage or implantation?

Implantation bleeding but doesn't always mean your pregnant though

I had blood in my discharge the blood was pink streaky stringy blood if you know what I mean what is this I got my period 2 weeks after as well?

This can be normal, if you are on birth control and just started it or have been on it for a long time. It is called "spotting". It could also be an indication of a miscarriage. Get it check out... This can be normal, if you are on birth control and just started it or have been on it for a long time. It is called "spotting". It could also be an indication of a miscarriage. Get it check out...

Having light pink spotting while wiping what could that mean period not due for awhile?

There are many reasons that cause light spotting which are normal. One of these is mid cycle bleeding which could just be caused by a drop in the estrogen levels.

Can spotting 3 days after sex which is brownish and pink with a dull pain mean you are pregnant?


Had a normal period but im having light pink spotting in your discharge?

spotting is normal for many females. there could be a variety of reasons.. if it doesnt continue i wouldnt worry about it

What colour is spotting during pregnancy?

Spotting can be brown, pink, orange, bright red, dark red, and/or black. It really depends on the reason for the spotting. If you are having spotting of any color or are bleeding heavily you should contact your Dr right away.

What could be wrong if you're 10 weeks pregnant and have been having bad period-like cramps and started spotting light pink to red to brown blood but the doctor has not determined a miscarriage?

You need to see another doctor with a fresh outlook on your situation.

Why would a period start with pink spotting then brown spotting then light red with light cramps?

Because it gets heavier and then the cramps mean you are in puburty

What would cause spotting in a woman that is 4 weeks pregnant?

spotting could be caused by moving to much, hopfully very light pink color, sit relax could cause a miscarriage but if it gets to the color of red and bigger spots see a doctor!

What does the light brown blood spots mean?

brown "spotting" or pink "spotting" is a sign of fresh or dried blood from where your fertilized egg burrows into your uterine wall.

What does it mean when you are on your period for 2 days and you are spotting and it's pink?

Could be an erratic period due to stress or similar factors. Could be you are pregnant (tests are cheap these days). Could be you will be having puppies. :-)

What does it mean when your are spotting pink before your period?

somehow i think this can be normal. but ive never spotted pink before my period. there is a possibility that this could be an infection.

What does it mean if you are having pink or red vaginal discharge?

if you havent started your periods this is what it could be. If you have started your periods and this is occurring before or after you period is about to start it could b spotting if its possible it isn't spotting i would go seek a doctors opinion answer ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding

When you wipe toilet paper and you saw some little pink spotting what does that mean?

If you are wiping "in front" it can mean you are getting your period or you may have a small scratch to the area. If you are having pain when urinating it could mean you have a bladder infection. Talk to your doctor if this continues.In pregnancy this type of spotting usually doesn't mean anything but you should discuss it with your doctor as every pregnancy is different.

Why orange spotting before period?

What do mean orange spotting? There is no such thing, are sure it's orange and not just light pink. If it really is orange that isn't normal go to the doctor.

You have irregular periods But last month you missed a period and pregnancy test was negative This month around your period you are having a pink spotting Are you pregnant?

spotting is Implantation bleeding which is a sign of pregnancy so yes you could be pregnant

Is pink discharge means period?

Pink or brow discharge is known as spotting - it can occur leading up to menstruation or a very light period may just show as a few days of spotting. Pink discharge can also be a result of mid-cycle or ovulation spotting, implantation spotting, or problems such as STI's. If it's a one-off it's nothing to worry about, but if you are spotting a lot you should go talk to your doctor.

Started spotting pink and brown 7 days after sex a whole week before period was due It lasted 12 days and only on day 8 and 9 it was red could this be miscarriage or implantation bleeding?

That is definitely not implantation bleeding but could be a miscarriage or something else. If this is not normal for you, then you should see a doctor.